PureDWTS Exclusive: Sasha Farber Talks To Us On The New DWTS Live Tour And More

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Vogue here …..and Aww, we couldn’t be more excited to interview Dancing With The Stars Sasha Farber!! Below Sasha reflects back on Dancing With The Stars Season 19 with some fun memories to share. Sasha also tells us how rehearsals are going so far for the new Dancing With The Stars Live Tour and lot’s more. He is a kick and a tease too. He’s got me even more excited to see the new tour! Too see why, read below and enjoy. THANK YOU, SASHA!! You are a jewel!

Greetings Sasha! How are you and how is your holiday going so far?

The holidays are going great! After the last episode of Dwts, I flew to Good Morning America on a private jet which is always fun 🙂 After we tapped good morning America I stayed in New York for Nicole’s Wedding (Snooki). It was so good to see her again. She looked beautiful and I’m so happy for both of them! In fact, I even danced for them! Watch below….

The day after that, I had a photo shoot for a magazine called “The Social Life Magazine” in New York, My issue will be out in early 2015. I guess the best part about all this is my sister lives in New York, so I got to spend a lot of time playing with my niece and nephew. Family time is the best and I’m all about family! That’s one big thing I miss is my parents in Australia. As soon as I landed back to L.A we started rehearsals for the DWTS live tour.

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We sure enjoyed Season 19 of Dancing With The Stars. You were a “ball of fire” to watch as always. What were the biggest highlights of the season for you and what were your favorite performances?

I choreographed a lot of the bumpers this season on the show! I love to create dance steps. I do it in my sleep sometimes lol! So to answer your question, one of the highlights that everyone always talks to me about is the Samba that I was apart of with Bethany and Derek and the yes BIG KISS WITH DEREK. I’m a very cheeky and happy guy, and I can always play funny characters cause I’m pretty much playing myself 🙂 So I felt at home with that number! All the bumpers and opening numbers this season where a big highlight for me! I love being apart of all those big dance numbers. Most of them choreographed by the amazing Mandy Moore who I love!

One of my favorite performances was your dance with Derek Hough and Bethany Mota. Can you tell us how that dance was put together and any other details? Who thought of the kiss at the end? That was the cherry on top of the ice cream.

HEHEHEHEHEH It all came together in the fist day of rehearsals, Bethany and Derek had such a great work ethic and we had a lot of fun in the rehearsals. Derek had a great concept for this samba.
This was the number that EVERYONE was talking about for a long time! 🙂

So how are rehearsals going for the Dancing With The Stars Live Tour? Is everything coming along nicely? From your twitter it sounds like you and the other dancers are so excited.

Yes the tour rehearsals are hard work, but we always manage to have a lot of fun! And that’s because this is such a tight group of dancers. We are all excited and cant wait to get out there and do our first show! Tickets are selling fast and most cities are already sold out, so if you don’t have your tickets yet make sure you get them!


What kind of dances can fans look forward to on the Tour? Will their be Ballroom dancing? Also, do you have a dance or two that you especially are looking forward to performing the most?

Everyone can expect one hot show 🙂 filled with all your favorite styles of dance! We have worked extra hard to make sure that the fans will love this tour! Mark Ballas choreographed an incredible opening number, and a huge Latin section which is hot hot hot, and the amazing Mandy Moore Choreographed our big finale number, Anna Trebunskaya also choreographed a beautiful Viennese waltz. One of my favorite numbers that I’m looking forward to dancing is the solo Jive that Emma slater and myself choreographed , and we will be dancing together! Its fast, energetic and has some really cool tricks, and of course the amazing Emma is partnering me so that’s why I’m excited for this jive!

What will the costumes for the tour be like? I loved the jacket you teased us with at twitter.

We have the best wardrobe team in the world. We are lucky enough to take our DWTS team with us for this tour. The costumes are going to be sexy, elegant ,beautiful, and EXPENSIVE. We are going to look great 😉


Sasha, thank you again for your time! You are the tops! Happy Holidays and we can’t wait to see you on tour!! For those interested and if you don’t have tickets for the tour yet, see this link as tickets are selling fast.

Pics above courtesy of Sasha Farber.