Shall We Dance On Ice Coverage – DWTS Photos Of Sharna Burgess, Maks Chmerkovksiy, Dmitry Chaplin, & More

Tonight Sharna Burgess and Maks Chmerkovksiy will be reunited with their Dancing With The Stars Season 18 partners Charlie White and Meryl Davis to dance in “Shall We Dance On ice”. If you’d like to see some photos of them in rehearsals, see US Cellular Coliseum Facebook. You can also see Dmitry Chaplin, Chelsie Hightower, and Louis Van Amstel.

ETA: Diss On Skating Facebook has some rehearsal photos as well.

Stay tuned. We’ll try and have more coverage tomorrow!!

ETA2: If you visit the links above again, you can view some coverage of the show last night. This Tumbler page also has some photos. Diss On Skating Twitter also has some pictures such as the pic below. Note that “Shall We Dance On Ice” will air in February.


ETA3: Here is a fun review of the show from Laura L. THANKS LAURA!!

The show was most definitely fun, but it was a bit anticlimactic. The skaters were great, but Meryl and Charlie didn’t perform much. The tango, blues, jive, quickstep, foxtrot, waltz, rumba, and salsa were performed. Meryl and Maks performed their tango from DWTS (fun fact, this was the only time Maks performed the entire show, except for the curtain call). Charlie and Sharna also did a jive (not the Happy jive from DWTS, it was a different jive. And Sharna performed in several dances). The DWTS pros performed on a floor that was on one side of the ice. I think it’ll make more sense when it’s seen on tv. Meryl and Charlie did a waltz on ice in the second half, and performed at the end too. Kristi and Ryan were fun hosts, but the lines that they had to say sounded cheesy. It was moreso the actual lines themselves, not their delivery. Towards the end Kristi had to restart announcing Bella Thorne three times due to stumbling over her words, and it was hilarious. Ryan and Kristi played really cool, and it was great. I wasn’t impressed with Bella Thorne’s performance at all. She was clearly lip synching, and the dancing was just….too sexual. It’s a common thing and undersstandable when Disney stars want to appeal to an older audience and stop performing like a tween for tweens, but there were girls who look up to Bella who were there, and I just didn’t like the fact that they saw a celebrity they admired doing sexual dances moves and thinking it’s ok. Maybe that’s something I should just get used to, but it’s just bothers me when stars with a younger fanbase do that. It wasn’t nearly Miley Cyrus level, but too much for 10 year old girls. It was announced that a year from now Shall We Dance on Ice is coming back to Bloomington. It’s absolutely not a bad show, but it’s the wrong town to host that kind of show. The colisseum is good, but the town isn’t big enough and there’s not enough skating appeal. I enjoyed the show, but there were certainly things that coul’ve been fixed.

Other random tidbits that won’t be televised: We paid $7 for a meet and greet/Q&A session 2 hours before the show. Instead of meeting Meryl and Charlie, or any of the pros, it was a random ice dancing couple that performed in the show. They were very nice and fun, but the way the meet and greet was run wasn’t worth $7 and showing up 2 hours early. I’m pretty sure one of the producers just said “Hey, we need someone to go talk to these people, who wants to do it?”
During intermission a group of 5 girls from a local dance studio performed while a phenomenal boy from the local rink skated. He went to Nationals and ranked in the top 10 at his level last year, so he’s extremely good. He’s got quite the fanbase amoung his friends, who were all screaming and cheering for him when he took the ice.
After the show was over, the audience was asked to stay for any redos that needed to be recorded so there weren’t any very noticable flaws that shouldn’t go on tv. There weren’t a lot that I noticed would need to be redone during the show, but there were one or two mishaps that were probably redone. A lot of people left, as it was 9:30 when the show ended. When I was still slightly bothered by Bella Thorne’s dancing, I was encouraged by a teenage girl who was sitting next to me. She was studying for a final exam coming up before teh show started, and when the show was done and her mom asked if she wanted to stay for the redo’s, she said “No, I want to go home and study more. Biology is more important than television.” It was a nice quote and made me happy that she had good priorities.

ETA4: Below is a video of rehearsals…