Dancing with the Stars Season 20 – PRO WATCH!!

LIVE BLOG is happening here,  which is where all the pros will be added as it happens. 

Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote one of these posts. In fact, I normally post pro watch for the spring season in early February – yet here we are. Why? Well, Derek is taking a season off to star at Radio City (looks so happy he may never come back), Cheryl appears to have retired from DWTS and is moving on to a different (reality-based?) show, and Val and Sharna are both blabbing about the next season. And as of last night, Karina is OUT. Hell, I had this post scheduled for tomorrow and here I am posting it today – ya’ll gotta have somewhere to be sad about Karina. (ETA: Vogue was at last night’s show and came away with different and new info re: Karina. Stay tuned.)

In Sharna’s case, I think her hint means she’s definitely IN – after last season I don’t think she would be coy if there were any doubt. And if there is doubt? Bad move, girl. As for Val – I don’t think there’s any way in hell he won’t be on, with Maks and Derek gone and Mark making noise. No way. And he’s saying yes, he is back. Read more..