Dancing with the Stars Season 20 – Things That Make You Go Hmmmm….Shane Harper?

Large word of caution – this is based on very, very little. Thing is, last time we posted something similar, Cody Simpson really did dance. And the last time I ignored something like this, I shouldn’t have (Hines Ward). And you can’t deny the timing is about right. So, this from Shane Harper – many of his fans immediately assumed DWTS. Thing is, this guy is an actual trained dancer – if he’s actually cast, he would be a massive ringer. Also FYI – he’s apparently VERY tall. 🙂

Shane Harper

P.S. There is a Shane Harper that is a hockey player but I checked several times to make sure I had the right one. This one is 6 foot plus, 21-year old singer, dancer actor. I can’t believe they would cast someone who is well trained enough to claim to be “Principle Dancer” in a variety of TV shows and movies, but consider his age and the producers obsession with the youth demo. That said, he can’t touch the online following of either Cody or James.