DWTS Julianne Hough Gives Advise To Aspiring Dancers, Talks On Her Worst Costume Fail, And More – New Interview

Parade has a fun interview posted with Julianne Hough! She promotes Venus Swirl and gives advice to aspiring dancers. Below is a take of worst costume fail. Note how Mark Ballas played a part in it.

What was your worst costume fail of all time?

“My worst costume fail was when I was about 14 in Blackpool England at one of the biggest competitions in the world. I’m dancing in the final with my partner and I have a dress that is completely covered in the back, but the way you get into it is a clasp in the front. As I was dancing, I crossed my arms in the front and it unclasped the dress, so my top was completely exposed. Everything else was covered except for that so I had to continue dancing while covering myself up. My partner was Mark Ballas from Dancing with the Stars. So I would hold the dress and then when I would have to do something, he would hold it. The whole audience clapped when we were done because it was amazing that we could keep it closed–because I couldn’t just stop in the middle of the dance!”

Much more at Parade . Thanks to Lori for the find!