DWTS Season 20 – Professional Dancer Announcement LIVE BLOG

Or sort a live anyway. Everything hinges on how they decide to do this. Not to mention that it’s 6am here and “Live” isn’t a word that describes me at this hour. I will do my best to put all the info that comes out into this post. They keep hyping that it’s going to be “BIG” and all other kinds of adjectives that probably won’t live up to the hype – but we will see soon enough. 🙂 Scroll to the bottom of the post for the live updates that aren’t actual Pro names.

And here are your Pros – supposedly this is IT:

Male Pros
Val – IN
Tony – IN
Mark – IN
Artem – IN

Female Pros
Sharna – IN
Peta – IN
Emma – IN
Witney – IN
Allison – IN
Kym – IN

ETA: Teasing the announcement at 7:20ish. :::sigh:::

ETA2: I’ve done a great job on my eyebrows while waiting for this announcement…. 😉

ETA3: Definitely Kym Johnson in silhouette!! Damn, missed the baby pix. Court is saying one is Mark and there’s a little blonde boy.  And Emma. 🙂

ETA4: I’ve gotten used to the far superior CBS This Morning which doesn’t have nearly the commercials and a lot more actual news.  GMA is….not good.

ETA5: I don’t think those fans are that good – might be right on Val, but the other one looked like Artem to me. Love Melissa’s haircut.

ETA 6: Lost my stream, relying on Court. Val is for sure. They are claiming this is Len’s last “year”.

ETA 7: Still with the bigger and better tag line. Yeah. Sure. Switch up week is back.

ETA8: Hmmmm…..said there were four in studio and they have six more. ONLY TEN???

ETA9: If this is it, there’s going to be trouble on twitter. 🙂

ETA10: Questions to the pros. Val’s dream partner. Answer: His season 20 partner. Question to Sharna: How do you prepare for the season? Answer: Picking music, etc.

Well everyone, discuss!! Is this it for the pro dancers this season? Are they holding a few back because Celebs haven’t signed yet? What do you think of this cast?

ETA11: Vogue here. According to US Weekly, TWO more pros will be announced at a later date!

ETA12: The Official Site has announced there will be two more pros announced later. There is a great write up on the ten pros announced today at the link too.

ETA13: ABC Media Net released an official announcement of the 10 pros. They also release info on the theme nights one of which includes “Spring Break” night. WHA?? 😯