DWTS Season 20 Rumor: Patriot’s Malcolm Butler?

@DWTSGossip mentioned Malcom Butler this morning as a possibility for Dancing With The Stars Season 20. Now a source for Hollywood Life says producers have asked Malcolm to dance.

Malcolm had one of the biggest plays ever in Super Bowl history when during the final seconds he intercepted the ball at the Seahawks — causing the Patriots to secure their win. Now, a source exclusively revealed to HollywoodLife.com if Malcolm will take on a totally new challenge, learning how to dance.

“The producers have reached out and have asked Malcolm to be a part of the upcoming shows season,” our insider said. “He really wants to do it but will make his final decision after talking to the higher ups in the Patriots organization because they may not want him to risk injury in the off season. If that happened it could cost him millions and his day job.”

More at Hollywood Life.

I so want a football player to dance again so I say bring him on (if true!).

Heidi: Here’s what I think, and it’s VERY CYNICAL, so apologies in advance. Here is what I speculate happens from time to time. Sites like Hollywood Life are all over twitter and the internet like fleas. They see people like us, and DWTSGossip and even Kristyn Burtt talk on this site and on twitter and that becomes their “source”. Told you I was cynical. We know of another site that very obviously gets their story ideas from here so why not? Anyway, besides my cynical view of the whole thing, I would not be the least bit surprised to find that the producers wanted him. But I also would not be surprised to find he’d never even been asked. 😀

Vogue: lol Don’t apologize. I’ve oftened wondered the same.