DWTS Season 20 – A Rumor that Just Got a Bit Stronger: Lalah Hathaway

Well, I saw @DWTSGossip tweet the other day that Lahah Hathaway was spotted at McCadden (the rehearsal space) and neglected to post about it. I confess to having bouts of ambivalence. 😀

It’s also true that lots of people use McCadden…but the timing is very interesting. But what drives me to post it now is that Lalah retweeted another blog that included DWTSGossip’s tweet about her doing DWTS. Now THAT is interesting – not that they copied our usual rumor round up post, but that she retweeted gossip about her being on DWTS. 🙂 Many thanks to Cordell for the heads up on this one.

In the words of Courtney: “Who is she??” Well, she’s an R&B singer who apparently just won a Grammy.

Lalah’s facebook

Lalah’s Twitter