Dancing with the Stars Season 20 Rumor Patrol – Mama June?? Plus a Wild and Crazy GUESS!

Lord have mercy. Surely NOT? Thanks to Charlie, in the comments, I went on a little search and found this:

Mama June

Now, of course, there are 500 things that she could be having meetings about in LA. But, there are STILL two male pro spots open, presumably because those celebs haven’t signed on the dotted line yet. So…just throwing this one out there as a possibility. The timing is frightening. I hope this is just fear on my part, considering her recent past – but I can’t ignore the timing.

BTW, Mama June has been rumored before….for Season 16.

We called her a “longshot” in our Rumor Round Up for that season. Let’s hope that’s still the case. Perhaps they met with her because another female celeb fell through. Have a hard time believing the DWTS producers would go this route at this time, all things considered.

Now, for my wild and crazy GUESS at a possible celeb dancer. Surely there are a lot of people who think ONE thing when they keep hearing the tag line for season 20?? “Our ‘Perfect 10’ Season”?? BO DEREK. Just throwing it out there. It took me a while to figure out why a little bell rang every time I heard “Perfect 10” – then last night it hit me. Bo Derek was “the perfect 10” in the movie “10” with Dudley Moore years ago.

Just tossin’ that out there just in case. 😉 I have no insider knowledge on this one, but their harping on “perfect 10” has been bugging me since I heard it.