Dancing With The Stars Tony Dovolani Has Renewed His Contract With Dancing With The Stars

According to People today, Tony Dovolani has renewed his contrct with Dancing With The Stars for three more years. Read on for more….

Dovolani has renewed his contract with the show for the next three years, he tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I’ve been on the show since season 2 and when last season ended, my contract had ended. The executives asked, ‘How do you feel about the show?’ I expressed how much I love the show and how big a part of my life the show has been. They were really pleased to hear that because they had every intention of asking me back.”

He says he is happy that the show has done so well, and for so long. “This is our ten-year anniversary ā€“ 20 seasons. How many shows can actually say that?”

Since he started with DWTS in 2005, he says the show has become “a household name. I love being able to travel and have people tell me they grew up watching it. They say our show has connected them with their siblings or with their kids or their grandkids.”

See People for more as he also talks about his wife Lina! They are so cute!