DWTS Russia Week 3: Gleb Savchenko And Adelina Sotnikova Dance A Fox Trot

It’s Dancing With The Stars Russia Week 3! This week Gleb Savchenko and Adelina Sotnikova take on the Fox Trot. Remember when Gleb danced a Fox Trot with Lisa Vanderpump in our version of Dancing With The Stars? It ended up being a fan favorite.

Lisa Vanderpump & Gleb Savchenko – Foxtrot by GrinyasEntertainment

So, what will happen this week? Below is a Gallery of Gleb and Adelina rehearsing. Note that Adelina will wear HEELS. 😀 You can also see some shots of the cast and judges which include Elena Samodanova.

And for another treat, you can watch Gleb and Adelina rehearsing for their Cha Cha last week at this link. I was having flashbacks of “Dirty Dancing” while watching this. HOT HOT!

In other exciting news this week for Gleb and Elena! Their dance underwear line “The Gleb Collection” will soon be making a debut in dance shops all over Russia. Too fun!!

Ok, that gets you caught up. Here’s to Week 3 of Dancing With The Stars Russia and wishing them all GOOD LUCK!! If interested in watching the show today on a LIVE stream, see Live Russia TV. Note the time change. It starts at 12:55pm ET!! If you can’t catch it, that’s ok. We hope to post videos as soon as we can in the spot below. Be sure to let them know what you think in comments.

ETA: Ok, I’m kind of confused because the stream started early (oh how I wish I understood Russian). Below is Gleb and Adelina’s Fox Trot thanks to Gleb RTing! How beautiful is this!! LOVES! They scored a 43 with it. Thanks to @jane9668 for the heads up and helping me in my confusion. lol

ETA2: So, according to this twitter exchange, they decided at the last minute to air the show at the same time last week instead of the new time. Not sure why.

ETA3: You can watch all the videos for yesterday’s show here.

And isn’t this a lovely photo courtesy of Elena…