DWTS Season 20 Las Vegas Odds For Week 1: Do You Agree Or Disagree?

Time for our first “Las Vegas Odds” post for Dancing With The Stars Season 20!! The odds makers have placed their bets at Sports Bovada. Take a look below to see what you think. Do you agree or disagree? Keep in mind that they haven’t included the 12th contestant Chris Souls yet.

Nastia Liukin 2/1
Noah Galloway 4/1
Riker Lynch 7/1
Michael Sam 9/1
Charlotte McKinney 10/1
Patti LaBelle 12/1
Redfoo 12/1
Suzanne Somers 12/1
Willow Shields 12/1
Rumer Willis 16/1
Robert Herjavec 20/1

My thoughts: I think they have the top three about right, but, I think I’d place Redfoo at 3rd. I also think Suzanne Somers will do better than what they show. Same with Rumer. I was shocked to see her placed so low. 😯 I think she should be somewhere in the top 5. I do agree with Robert being towards the bottom. If I were to pick who should be at the very bottom, I’d pick Charlotte and Patti before Robert. I’m on the fence about Chris Soules since we haven’t seen him dance yet, but, he has a good teacher with Witney. Looking at their odds overall makes me wonder of how tight this competition might be this season with 3/4th of this cast? I can’t wait.

Let’s see what Heidi and Courtney think and be sure let us know your thoughts in comments….

Courtney: I think the knee-jerk reaction of most oddsmakers would be Olympic gymnast + Derek = guaranteed win, but I actually don’t see them winning this season…too much of a “gimme”, and too many people of the pewee football mentality: “Let other pros have a chance to win!” I think the best they can hope for is 2nd. I think they have Charlotte wayyyy too high – not based on ability, but the fact that she is not very well-known relative to the other celebs this season (when she was first announced as a cast member, she didn’t even have her own Wikipedia page…yikes). At this point, I would probably put her at the bottom, below Robert, like Vogue. I think Patti is too high as well, and I think she’s going to reeeeallllly struggle before getting booted before the midpoint of the season. Redfoo is wayyyy too low – given his enthusiasm and some innate dancing skills, I think he could be the dark horse this season.  I’d probably boost Rumer & Willow as well, as I think the fanbases of their pros are going to carry them for awhile (even if they can’t dance for beans, and I don’t think that will end up being the case with either of them).  As for Chris – I’d put him slightly above Charlotte, but below Patti & Robert.  I doubt he’s going to make much of a splash and will probably be one of the first voted out.

Heidi: Yeah, as usual these odds are kind of a mess.  I can certainly see why they would have Nastia at number 1, but I don’t think she’s actually going to win.  I think the Top 4 will be Nastia, Riker, Redfoo and Rumer – and they only have one of those in their top 4. Willow could take the place of anyone except probably Nastia – I definitely see her in the final 4.  I also think Noah will be at least top 6, but I’m not all that certain he be as high as second place. This is why I don’t normally make a guess as to who will win without seeing them dance. Sometimes it’s obvious (Meryl OR Charlie) and other times it not at all.  While Noah is amazing, he does still have to dance and I don’t have a clue about that just yet.  I think Charlotte is going to be first out, followed by Robert then Chris. We may not like Chris, but the Bachelors generally have big followings.  Everyone else is somewhere in the middle of the pack.  Why the odds makers have Charlotte and Michael as high as they do is a mystery to me. And why Rumer is near the bottom is also a mystery. Weirdness.