Robert Herjavec Already Seeing Changes To His Body After Prepping For Dancing With The Stars

Robert Herjavec is already seeing changes to his body since prepping for Dancing With The Stars. He has a whole new appreciation for people who appear on “Shark Tank” because of it. Below is more from ABC.

He’s certainly put the work in himself. Since he began prepping for ABC dancing series a few weeks ago, Herjavec said he’s already seen changes in his body.

“I’m at the gym the other day and I’m looking at the mirror and I see myself and I’m like ‘Wow, what a great butt. … Oh! That’s me!'” he said with a laugh. “It’s amazing. I didn’t know that people had this many muscles, and every one of them is sore.”

Paired with Kym Johnson (“She’s an angel because she puts up with me!” he gushed), Herjavec explained that now, his days start at 5 a.m. Because so much of his business is based on the East coast, he catches up on email and works for three or four hours and then heads to the gym to meet Johnson. After several hours (and sometimes, several injuries), Herjavec goes back to work. He passes out at midnight or 1 a.m.

“I keep forgetting to eat, I’m so focused!” he said with a laugh. “But sharks never sleep.”

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