DWTS Season 20 Week 2 Las Vegas Odds: Odds Makers Not Buying Pimp Job

The odds makers have placed their bets for week 2 of Dancing With The Stars Season 20 at Sports Bovada. Isn’t it interesting that Rumer and Val aren’t at the top? Even after all the pimping of them from the judges this past week and the media drinking the Kool Aid, the odds makers didn’t buy it. Ha!! Though if I was them, I would switch Rumer and Ryker. I’m shocked they have Willow so low. I’d put her more towards the top. Same with Redfoo. Take a look below and let us know what you think in comments. Read on to see what Miss Heidi and Court think too….

Nastia Liukin 6/5
Rumer Willis 5/1
Riker Lynch 6/1
Noah Galloway 7/1
Michael Sam 15/2
Robert Herjavec 10/1
Chris Soules 20/1
Patti LaBelle 20/1
Redfoo 33/1
Suzanne Somers 33/1
Willow Shields 33/1
Charlotte McKinney 50/1

Last week’s odds:

Nastia Liukin 2/1
Noah Galloway 4/1
Riker Lynch 7/1
Michael Sam 9/1
Charlotte McKinney 10/1
Patti LaBelle 12/1
Redfoo 12/1
Suzanne Somers 12/1
Willow Shields 12/1
Rumer Willis 16/1
Robert Herjavec 20/1

Heidi: Well, Rumer moved up, but only to 5/1 – and after all that pimpage she got! Going last, having the judges drool and proclaim her the winner…seems we weren’t the only ones who don’t buy it just yet. 🙂 Interesting that they have Nastia at 6/5 – I am still not convinced that she can win. Derek, after 5 wins, could choreograph 12 Emmy winning routines and still not win, plus they are pretty severely handicapped by being in NYC. Poor Nastia – Derek is a bit of an anchor with his track record and an audience who seems to think Pee-wee-baseball-everyone-gets-a-trophy is an acceptable way to hold a competition. Anyway, I think Michael is probably too low – and that Willow needs to be up with Robert. As for Noah, as much as I like him, I’m not so sure he’s going to finish as high as 4th place. It’s hard to say – Amy covered the inspiring territory, so do people expect him to dance as well as Amy? Are they inured to the injured? Is it different because he’s a veteran? Or did people even forget Amy was a double amputee because she was paired with Derek and did so well? What the general audience thinks is what will dictate how well he finishes. I don’t mean to sound callous…but people ARE callous as we saw with Amy. Of course, Amy threatened the precciousssssss….

Courtney: First off, an apology – these odds are late because of moi, as I was out-of-town this weekend and haven’t had a chance to even look at these until right meow. I guess my overall feeling about them, like my power rankings last week, is “Hmmm.” I find it interesting that the oddsmakers didn’t seem to buy into the OTT praise heaped onto Rumer, and the obvious “this could be your season!” subliminal messaging thrown at Val.  As I told Heidi & Vogue – I think the oddsmakers’ BS detectors have gotten quite a bit better-calibrated over the seasons, and they probably recognize by now that that pimping doesn’t always work (hello, Vajanel). But they DID seem to buy into the nonsense the judges threw Michael about his feet – honestly, I think his performance was the most underrated of last week’s dances, and he got an incongruous amount of nitpicking from the judges.  That’s what puzzles me the most, because I actually think Michael could be the biggest threat to the big 3 (Rumer, Riker, & Nastia) at the moment.  I also think they aren’t quite sure what to make of Noah just yet – demographically-speaking, he should be a big draw; but ability-wise, he’s no Amy right off the bat.  I think we’ll see them get a bit more decisive with his odds over the next few weeks, as we see what he’s actually capable of.