DWTS Russia Week 7: Watch Gleb Savchenko And Adelina Sotnikova Dance An Argentine Tango


Wow, is the photo of Adelina Sotnikova above not beautiful?! Powerful stuff! Gleb Savchenko posted it at his instagram saying, “Tomorrow is gonna be epic!!!! We are dancing an Argentine Tango.” Bring it on Gleb and Adelina! We can’t wait!!!

For those wanting to tune into Dancing With The Stars Russia today to watch Gleb Savchenko, Adelina Sotnikova, and Elena Samodanova, see Live Russia TV. If the LIVE stream doesn’t work, check my twitter page or dm me at twitter and I’ll send you another link. It starts at 9:45 ET. Or stay tuned to the spot below as we plan to post pictures and a video of Gleb and Adelina as soon as we can. Thanks to All who are following. We also so appreciate our Russian translators too who post in comments on the show.

ETA: Adelina and Gleb’s dance was indeed “epic”. It touched me so much, I cried. The dance had some of the best choreography I’ve ever seen him do. It was visually stunning with the ocean and water effects. The moves at the end were show stopping. They scored a perfect 50 and placed 1st this week. They placed 3rd over all (I thought for sure this dance would put them in 2nd or 1st place).


For photos like the one above, see Team Sotka, NastineLI, and Lupita Garcia.

ETA2: And here is the video of this dance! Let us know what you think in comments…