The Dancing Poetry Corner – For The Love Of Latin

I got an idea in the shower this morning to do my poem/writing this week without rhyming. But, it will be expressive in another way. The theme of red-hot, fire, etc will populate the writing. We had our fires, our passions stoked:

For The Love of Latin

The opening was a red-hot explosion
Dripping with the flames of passion
A’blaze with fires kindling in our souls

Dancers’ feet, as if steeping on hot coals
Electricity crescendoing in the Ballroom
Latin flavor oozing out of every pore

Latin dances typically ooze sensuality
The dynamic of love as a fiery furnace
Lifts expressing strength of lovers’ union

Our hearts filled with the spirit of dance
Each dance unique bursting with spirit
Fanning flames of power of creativity

The Red-Hot, Rumba-Licious Revue!

Salsa Revue to Turn The Beat Around
Rumer and Val
Roller Disco Rehearsal Assist
Troupe Performance Assist

Golden Disco Ball flavor, pulsating energy
Electric exuberance, with fiery fever

Rumba Revue to Empire
Charlotte and Keo

Lines and movements of clarity
Dynamic, flowing and flexible form

Salsa Revue to Celebrate
Michael and Peta

Smoke and fire filled with desire
High energy, towering lifts, feet of fire

Salsa Revue to Limbo
Riker and Alison

Showcase of dynamite moves, speed
Energy of motion, innovative fiery spirit and flair

Samba Revue to Copacabana
Suzanne and Tony
Troupe Assist

A Las Vegas showgirl feel
Colorful, fruity, juicy, flirty flair

Argentine Tango Revue to Dangerous
Chris and Witney

Eyes of fire and flame, steamy spirit, sparking
Colorburst lift explosion, power of a Comeback Kid

Rumba Revue to How Long Will I Love You
Robert and Kym

Elegant, exquisite, evoking passion
Beauty, grace, inspiring chemistry, look of love

Cha Cha Cha Revue to Oye 2014
Patti and Artem
Troupe Assist

Fire of flirtation, fabulous fun, hippy, happy
Animated, charming, full of eye candy

Paso Doble Revue to Hanuman
Willow and Mark

Fire and Ice, fierce, fiery intensity, intense content
Dynamite, determination of spirit, difficult moves

Argentine Tango Revue to Rather Be
Noah and Sharna

Statement of fire in the soul, marriage of a dancing pair
Lifts of pure power, strength, magical, mystical

Samba Revue to Chillando Goma
Nastia and Derek

Smoky, sassy, sexy, spark of spirit
Exhilarating flexibility, power of dancing pair

Latin Night in The Ballroom

A night full of sizzle, smoky, sexy flavor
Passion burning in the dancers souls
Passion burning in our hearts and minds

Our own passions and fires stoked anew
A thing of beauty, a joy to remember forever
Dancing With The Stars – a passion for all

Written By Lois A Troutman, March 31, 2015

The spirit of Keo and Charlotte will be remembered
Their time in the dancing spotlight came to an end

Until next time in the Ballroom…………………………….