Afterbuzz TV Reviews DWTS20 Week 3 With Mark Ballas: Let Us Know If You Agree Or Disagree?

Man, I was digging this new Afterbuzz TV show last night ….especially being Mark Ballas was a guest. He provided some cool “behind the scenes” information about the dancers and the show, getting his partners from A to B, how you can tell who is in it to win it every season, what it’s like having a gymnast for a partner, and more. Though, I have to say….I was disappointed at the end when he and Anna Trebunskaya went on about Henry Byalikov and what a great job he’s dong with Nastia Liukin. Hey, maybe Henry is doing a good job and that’s cool, but, let’s be REAL here! Anna said Henry has Nastia for “half the week” when that IS NOT TRUE! Henry only has Nastia for TWO days (Saturday and Sunday). It’s also not true that Henry is doing all the cleaning up, etc as Derek has been conversing with them on the weekend from New York City making sure everything is perfect. Yes, Henry may be a stand in for Derek on the weekend, but, he’s not doing it “all”. So for those on the Afterbuzz TV show and fans taking it in everything Anna says as if it’s “word”, think again. Also, Derek is doing ALL of the choreography HIMSELF. See this NEW “YOUNG HOLLYWOOD” rehearsal interview of last week’s rehearsals in New York City. This footage was filmed before Nastia went back to Los Angeles….doesn’t this say it all? Anyway, take a listen to the show below and let us know what you think. Yes, I’m wound up. 😐