DWTSRussia Week 8 With Gleb Savchenko, Adelina Sotnikova, And Elena Samodanova – Coverage, Photos, Video

Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s the 8th week of Dancing With The Stars Russia! Times flies when you are having fun. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d become such a fan to Dancing With The Stars Russia and I have Gleb Savchenko, Adelina Sotnikova, Elena Samodanova, the rest of cast, and all of you who are following along to thank for all the fun.

Oh, and speaking of Elena….is this not the sweetest picture of her and little Olivia? I melted into a thousand tiny little pieces seeing it. Thanks to Elena for posting it at her instagram.


So this week, Gleb Savchenko and Adelina Sotnikova are dancing a JIVE!! And below is a little sneak peek of it thanks to Adelina’s instagram. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun one….


Be thinking of them and wishing them the best as the pressure is truly on as we inch closer to the finals. For those wanting to tune into Dancing With The Stars Russia today, be watching Live Russia TV at 9:45 ET. If the LIVE stream doesn’t work, check my twitter page as I’ll be tweeting whichever stream works. Also, be sure to VOTE. If you are able to… “send a SMS with number 10 to 1075” to VOTE for their dance today. You can also vote for Gleb and Adelina to win a Fans Choice Trophy Award at this link online daily and all week until the end of the season. Anyone can vote including International voters. If you need directions, see this twitter link as Anastassija Lipkova has been so nice explaining it for us so well (note that number of votes in the 3rd line is just a figure. Ticking the 1st box is obligatory. The 2nd box is optional. Your votes go to a good cause as well).

In other fun things to share on Gleb and Adelina, if you go here and here, you can watch them having fun in rehearsals this week. Also, below are some instagram and twitter photos from the week including Gleb and Elena attending Russia’s fashion week. One of the photos with Gleb and Adelina includes dancer, choreographer Alexey Balash who seems like a cool cat too.

Ok, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for updates below. We’ll post more pics and video as soon as we can. Be sure to let us know what you think in comments too and thanks to those of you who are following along.

ETA: Gleb and Adelina just finished up their Jive on Dancing With The Stars Russia. The splits, the tricks, and the jumps were out of this world. It was action packed and full of fun and creativity! It was like a birthday party on speed. Just incredible again. They scored a 49 out of 50 placing them 3rd for the week(this seems unfair. They should be in 1st or 2nd at the worst). One judge described it as a “mix of strawberry and blueberry, very bright and fresh’ which was so true. For some beautiful photos, see DWTSRussia Facebook. Also, a huge huge thanks to @NastineLi at twitter from all of us as she translated the whole show for us from Russia to English if you want to read her timeline. She also posted photos. And below is a video of their dance thanks to Юлия Конова You Tube (you can watch all the dances here if you like). Let us and Gleb and Adelina know what you think in comments. What a great dance and a great show again!!!