How The Odds Makers Have Placed The Contestants For Dancing With The Stars 20 Week 4

The odds makers have placed their bets for week 4 of Dancing With The Stars Season 20 at Sports Bovada. I was shocked to see Michael Sam so high this time being week 3’s dance wasn’t as good and strong. I was expecting to see Willow Shields placed higher in 2nd or 3rd. I was also not expecting Patti to be placed so far apart from Suzanne. Let’s see what Miss Heidi and Court think. Scroll below and let us know what you think in comments as well.

Nastia Liukin 10/11
Rumer Willis 3/1
Riker Lynch 6/1
Willow Shields 10/1
Michael Sam 20/1
Noah Galloway 20/1
Robert Herjavec 20/1
Chris Soules 50/1
Suzanne Somers 50/1
Patti LaBelle 100/1

Heidi and Court, what do you think?

Courtney: Eh, I don’t really know what to think at this point – I have a feeling that the bulk of the season is going to be Rumer, Riker, and Nastia switching places in the top 3 spots, and Willow slowly creeping up the rankings.  I think Patti’s odds are about right – we’re only in week 4 and she’s barely moving, and already nursing an injury; I think Suzanne is risking getting lost in the shuffle if she doesn’t make a splash soon; Chris is just trying to keep his head above water.  Noah & Robert are in this odd, middle-of-the-pack place where we’re not sure exactly how well they’re doing with the votes; poor Michael should be lower, I’m afraid, but to no huge fault of his own.  I don’t know…no real strong feelings about these odds.  I think the picture will become a lot clearer after Monday night’s elimination…

Heidi: I think they have the top four right, anyway.  Everyone else? Well, I’m with Court – this week will make things a lot clearer. I’m almost ready to say that I think the top 4 will remain the top 4 right through to the end, although not necessarily in that order.  This week will be the key that determines whether there will be a shocker some point further down the line or if the finish is pretty much set into two groups: the top 4 and everyone else. Don’t know what order the top 4 will finish in…and don’t know how everyone else will shake out…but a clear dividing line between the two groups. The only thing that could upset that balance is a poor showing by Willow at some point. That could pave the way for one of either Noah or Robert to take her spot.