Dancing with the Stars Season 20, Week FOUR – Let’s Discuss Tonight’s Show!! (Spoilers)

Theme of the week: Most Memorable Year….or some such thing. I expect to need tissues at least once. This can be either good….or very bad. πŸ˜€

Holy crap!! That was quite a start to the show!! And of course, Len picks it apart. No character of the dance? Spare me the narrative. I guess he got the producers notes.

LOL…I swear that Bruno ALWAYS does what he can to counteract Len. Happens all the time. πŸ™‚

Man, why did they go back to this way of doing the elimination?? Sucks.

Robert and Kym are safe, Riker and Michael are in jeopardy. Bites. Poor Peta looks like she might puke.

Beautiful dance by Michael – I got all weepy. Gonna be a long night. Especially since Derek is probably taking a nap somewhere not to be seen again.

Riker still having a bit of trouble with his arms and he was unsteady on his feet in a couple spots. Allison’s shoes are kick ass. Yeah, it was hectic because it was faster – and that’s probably also why he was unsteady in spots. It was sooo fast.

Oh man, crying over Robert. I’ve been there, Robert. Nothing much worse. :::sob::: Beautiful job.

Spoilers for next week: Runer is dancing to Little Mermaid and Riker is dancing top Pirates of the Caribbean. Derek and Nastia dancing to Love is an Open door from Frozen.

Rumer, Patti and Chris are all safe.

Man, trying to get rid of Chris. Not great dance…but no need to be a dick, Len.

OMG, I love Patti so much. Her energy is just infectious and there was a good bit of dancing in her Jazz, IMO.

Spring Break Special AND a tenth anniversary special??? Overkill?

Ya, know, I feel for Rumer and the bullying. And that was a very good dance. But it was so hard and staccato again. It will get raves, I’m sure, but it was lacking in smoothness. Len is insulting Nastia yet again by comparing the non-waltz to an actual AT. :::rolls eyes:::

Willow in Jeopardy, Suzanne Safe and…brain fart.

Suzanne did have great chemistry with John Ritter. She’s making me a bit weepy before she’s even danced. Very nice dance from Suzanne!! Can’t believe she’s 68.

Oh for god’s sake, give the woman an 8. You gave Patti an 8 for less dancing. Jaysus. Quit picking who you want eliminated.

I got problems, I’m starting to dig Mark’s hair. πŸ™‚

Super cool dance from Willow and Mark. Only problem I had with it was the use of the troupe throughout the dance – it made it hard for me to focus on/see Willow. Great dance beside that though.

Hmmmm….I think that was overscored by a couple. Could she be going home???

Wow…beautiful dance by Noah and Sharna. And, um…:::cough:::nicebutt:::cough:::

Okay….lost my internet connection.

Willow was called safe first, then Michael was eliminated as predicted.

I have to wonder about putting Willow and Riker in jeopardy. Research (mine) has shown that jeopardy is often (half the time) an indication of a pending elimination. Are they not getting the votes that we think they are?? That would explain the overscoring of Willow relative to Nastia and even Rumer. That wasn’t a 39 dance compared to Nastia’s AT…or Rumer’s Waltz, even though I thought it was too hard. Hmmmmm…..

SPOILER: The Switch UP has been cancelled. I repeat, the switch up has been cancelled!