Sharna Burgess Knocks out Noah Galloway’s Tooth In Rehearsals For Dancing With The Stars

At first I thought this was some joke, but, it’s not. Sharna Burgess knocked out Noah Galloway’s tooth in rehearsals for Dancing With The Stars. I bet she feels so bad. Here is more from Access Hollywood.

The Iraq vet just lost a tooth, courtesy of his “Dancing with the Stars” pro partner Sharna Burgess’ foot!

In “Ouch!”-inducing “DWTS” rehearsal footage posted by TMZ, the ballroom couple is seen practicing a floor move which involves a kick from Sharna – and she accidentally smacks her foot across Noah’s face.

He leans over and coughs his tooth onto the floor.

Sharna took to Twitter to lament the dental damage.

“It’s true.. I knocked out his tooth. Devastated by the whole thing! As if my man @Noah_Galloway hasn’t been through enough! #DWTS,” she Tweeted on Monday.