Judge Len Goodman Talks With People After Dancing With The Stars

People interview Dancing With The Stars judge Len Goodman last night after the show. He talks of why he judges the way he does and why he likes tradition. More below and at the link.

“The show is becoming performance-driven. It’s all about the performance,” Goodman told PEOPLE exclusively after the show. “For me, that’s not what ballroom dancing is about. The waltz, next to the Viennese waltz, is the oldest dance of all. There is a tradition. When you think of the waltz, you think of elegance, sophistication, fluidity of movement. Sometimes I look at a dance and I have to check what dance it is, because it doesn’t look like what I think it should be.”

“It makes me chuckle,” he told PEOPLE. “If I was sitting in the audience and someone else was me, I would be booing along with them. It’s all a part of the fun.”

“Two things I try to be … I try to be myself and I try to be honest,” he added. “The bottom line is it’s got to be entertaining. I also try to enlighten the viewers as to what I want to see, and I try to educate the couples on where I want to see improvement. I got it right tonight, whether people booed or not.”