The Dancing Poetry Corner – The Chapters of Life

What is your Most Memorable year? If you would like to, please share. In my 63 years of life, there are so many memorable years. It is hard to pick just one, isn’t it? I could choose my wedding year, 1975, when I married Kenneth Troutman. I could choose 2001, the year he died from cancer. There are many years in between. There are many years in my earlier lfe. I will choose 1990 (December 27) when we found out Ken had prostate cancer. That was the beginning of time until his death that had a profound affect on us. And changed life as we knew it into dealing with our cancer journey. The dance that resonated the most with me was Robert and Kym’s Waltz dedicated to his Mother who lost her life from cancer. I would give something to be able to have a pro teach me a Waltz dedicated to Ken. The music I would choose is Swan Lake. Ken loved classical music especially Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and the 1812 Overture, which was his favorite piece of music. He played both over and over. He introduced me to classical music and I love it, too.

You know how you find an incredible book you can’t put down? You have to keep reading well into the wee hours of the morning. I didn’t want to put Dancing With the Stars down for The Most Memorable Year night. I wanted it to continue for hours! This night of dancing is special! The emotions flow out of every space of the ballroom! The stars bear their hearts and souls through dance. The stars depicted:

The Chapters of Life

The Ballroom was dripping with floods of emotion
Eyes were moist with tears dripping down our faces

Each chapter was told through movement of dance
Each step, each moment had a profound affect on us

We were taken into a book of life as the pages turned
Each journey a valiant display, bearing of hearts, souls

The Chapters of Life took center stage in the Ballroom
Our own hearts and souls filled with this special night

Please follow along as I flip The Chapters of Life in the book:

Chapter One
Year 2008 – Gold Medal in Gymnastics
Nastia and Derek – Argentine Tango – Variations on Dark Eyes

A stunner, shaped by two masters, beautiful lines
Dazzling quality of a gem, exhilarating shapes and shades

Chapter Two
2014 – Announcement of being gay – an estranged father
Michael and Peta – Rumba – Not My Father’s Son

Trust between partners, dance of a soul in the light
Breathtakingly beautiful, baring of raw emotions

Chapter Three
2014 – A family band soared to new heights
Riker and Alison – Tango – Shut Up and Dance

Red-hot, sizzling movements, enthusiastic, proper tango
Stands out like a vibrant neon light, brilliance of dance

Chapter Four
2005 – Losing a beloved Mother to ovarian cancer
Robert and Kym – Waltz – The Last Waltz

A last waltz for a Mother, depth of emotion, classic
Sweetness, elegance, impeccable frame, gorgeous

Chapter Five
2015 – Becoming The Bachelor and finding true love, engaged to Whitney
Chris and Witney – Rumba – The Book of Love

Reflection of love, beautiful, simply executed
Genuine, honest, lines of passion, heart on sleeve

Chapter Six
1973 – The birth of a son Zuri
Patti and Artem – Jazz – Dan Swit Me
Troupe Assist

Jubilant, jazzy, snazzy, fun, full of rhythm
Like a hot Cappucino, light, fluffy, a million steps

Chapter Seven
2014 – Feeling beautiful, full of love, full of value
Rumer and Val – Waltz – Turning Tables

Full of flair, fabulous spinning displays, coming from inside
Reflection of a powerful, unique woman named Rumer

Chapter Eight
1977 – Cast as Chrissy in Three’s Company dedicated to John Ritter
Suzanne and Tony – Foxtrot – Three’s Company Theme

Perfect depiction of an iconic show, set of authenticity
Full of grace, elegance, charm, perfect tribute for John

Chapter Nine
2011 – Cast in The Hunger Games
Willow and Mark – Contemporary – Atlas
Troupe Assist

Chilling choreography, like a precision drill team
Triumph of a warrior, clear sense of purpose, pitch perfect

Chapter Ten
2005 – Becoming a double amputee
Noah and Sharna – Contemporary – American Soldier

A hero, patriot, a true American Soldier, bedazzling, bravery
Astounding amazement, lifts of strength of spirit and power

The book is closed:

The Chapters of Life are complete for another season
Powerful emotion, tears laid out on the Ballroom Floor!

Written By Lois A Troutman, April 7, 2015

The book closed on the journey of Peta and Michael.
With grace, with dignity they took their final bows.

Until another highly popular week, Disney Week, next week!

See you next week around The Dancing Poetry Corner bend!