New Las Vegas Odds For Dancing With The Stars Week 5 – Lots Of Switching Going On

What a difference a week, another dance, and an elimination can make. The odds makers have placed their new bets for week 5 of Dancing With The Stars Season 20 at Sports Bovada. Note how there has been some switching among the contestants compared to last week’s odds. It’s also interesting how someone in the middle of their predictions have been eliminated every week so far. Could the same happen this week? I don’t know, but, be sure to let us know what you think in comments after you take a look….

Nastia Liukin 10/11
Willow Shields 3/1
Rumer Willis 7/2
Riker Lynch 12/1
Robert Herjavec 12/1
Noah Galloway 33/1
Suzanne Somers 66/1
Chris Soules 100/1
Patti LaBelle 100/1

Last week’s Odds:

Nastia Liukin 10/11
Rumer Willis 3/1
Riker Lynch 6/1
Willow Shields 10/1
Michael Sam 20/1
Noah Galloway 20/1
Robert Herjavec 20/1
Chris Soules 50/1
Suzanne Somers 50/1
Patti LaBelle 100/1

My thoughts: First of all, I was shocked to see Riker and Robert tied. Robert stepped it up last week, but, I don’t think he has the dance ability of Riker in the least. Then again, it’s not always about “dance ability”? I also think Noah is making a bigger impact than the odds makers think. He should be in 5th place (atleast) in my opinion. Though it’s interesting….every time I ask my boss and my co-worker what they think of every show and who they are liking the most this season, they say NOAH! My Dad is loving him too, but, he loves Nastia as well. He’s been giving all of his votes to her and Derek every week (good job, Dad!). Anyway, other than switching Noah and Robert, I think the odds makers are about right. I’d place the top four in the same way right now. I was really happy to see them put Willow in second especially.

Heidi and Court, what do you think?

Courtney: Not a whole lot to add about this week’s odds – glad they finally see that Chris is really not much to sneeze at, but like Vogue, I’m also a bit puzzled at why they have Riker & Robert tied.  Then again, if they’re buying into what the judges are saying…it would make sense, because Riker kinda got picked apart while Robert got praised this past week.  I don’t think Robert has gotten a very harsh critique yet – they’ve gone pretty easy on him, while Riker (the better dancer) seems to be getting a lot more constructive criticism about everything from his hands to his frame to “dancing like a girl”.  Have wonder if the oddsmakers also recognize that Rumer’s becoming a tad one-note, too…as she’s been slipping a bit each week since week 1.  Good to see Willow making her way up the chart – I think she’s going to be one to watch in the coming weeks.

Heidi: They seem to buy into what the judges say every season with no regard for anything else. The exception being Nastia, I think. Have the judges really raved over her? I don’t think so – not any more so than they have Rumer. But she has been beating Rumer in scores the last few weeks, so maybe that’s the difference. But not enough for Willow to knock Nastia down in the rankings. It’s all rather interesting. I would love to know how they come up with this stuff. Honestly, I don’t know what’s going to happen (for a change) and that is rather exciting. I still don’t think Nastia can win (and Derek’s show was extended to the 7th due to it’s popularity, so no let up on his schedule), I have a hard time believing Willow can win….but I also think that if Rumer were killing it in votes she would be getting better scores. After all, there is nothing the judges like more than being “right”. If Riker’s fans are the voting kind, he could actually win. I just don’t know. So, I guess I can understand the odds being a bit hinky. 🙂