A Date For The DWTS 10th Anniversary Special and Other Pre-Anniversary Show Info

Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted about the Dancing With The Stars Anniversary Special last night and news about her being there with Kelly Monaco. She also posted a date for April 21st. Note: this date isn’t “official” yet. Just something to keep in mind. Thanks to Lois for the heads up on this tweet.


ETA: Per our source, the Anniversary Special is, indeed, airing on this coming Tuesday, April 21st…but it may not be TOTALLY live. Source thinks some couples may have pre-taped their segments.

ETA2: I apologize – message got lost in translation. Show is getting TAPED this coming Tuesday, April 21, but it won’t actually AIR until May 7. Apparently there was even confusion from those behind the scenes on what was going to be happening this week – Deep Throat was under the impression that they would be doing two live shows this coming week, until Rob clarified. ๐Ÿ™‚ #miscommunicationevenoccursbehindthescenes

ETA3: Vogue here. Is it possible Maria Menounos, Amy Purdy, and Amy Riley (all Derek Hough partners) are filming or doing something for the 10th Anniversary show. They were seen the rehearsal parking lot this weekend…

ETA4: Amy might have been at the studios to film something with Noah Galloway too?