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Dancing Sarge In Charge

Joann Tresco of Hummelstown, PA, is a retired Pennsylvania Army National Guard Master Sergeant. He military career spanned 34 years.

Tresco had a love and passion for dance that translated into the next phase of her life. She traded her Army boots for dancing shoes. It is so exciting for her to become the Operations Manager for the dance studio she grew up with.

She is combining the best of both her worlds. Her military management skills have served her well in managing the dance studio and teaching dance. She takes a hands-on approach with the clients who have tripped the light fantastic on the studio ballroom floor.

The link will take you to a narrative and video of her inspiring story. Chuck Rhodes, the Out and About Reporter, WHTM, ABC27, Harrisburg, PA, takes you inside her new life. There is a link to look around the studio she is heavily involved with, PaDanceSport, Hummelstown, PA.

Tresco feels it is important for returning veterans to have the courage to stoke their own passions. She says anyone can make it work.

Tresco is a military success story and a success at this thing called life.

Dancing A Dream
Courage Through Dance

Written By Lois A Troutman, April 14, 2015

The affliction of cerebral palsy does not deter 14 year old Ellie Ritzman from her love of dance. In fact, she thrives on dancing at Dixie’s Dance Studio, Millerstown, PA. Being part of a dance team brings out Ellie’s personality. Making this more special for Ellie is she is dancing with her sister, Leah, and her friends.

Ellie’s mother, Dianne, felt this was something that could not happen. But, she helped Ellie follow her dreams.

I do not know Ellie. But, my family has known the Ritzmans all of our lives.

A young girl is fulfilling her dreams despite her limitations. A true story of Dancing A Dream and Courage Through Dance.

Please see more about this story at the link. Out and About Reporter for WHTM-TV, Harrisburg, PA, Chuck Rhodes, brings this story for your enjoyment.

Written By Lois A Troutman, April 15, 2015

The Dancing Poetry Corner

Have any of you had the privilege of seeing a favorite TV show being taped? Or, were able to be in the control room watching a live newscast? Or, have been able to take a studio tour? I have had the privilege to do all three. I had been able to be in the One Life to Live studios a few times watching tapings and had studio tours. I had studio tours and watched live newscasts with my late husband at WHTM TV, Harrisburg PA. The most fun was seeing a taping of Home Improvement in the Buena Vista Studios in Burbank CA, January 5, 1996. It was amazing seeing one of our favorite shows being taped. Seeing Tim Allen and company relatively up close and personal made us giddy with glee. I thought of these highlights of my life as I thought how to approach this week’s writing. Please join me for:

A Disney Studio Tour

Production was in a frenzy! Showtime was drawing near!
Ticks were ticking off the clock! Lights! Camera! Action!

The Ballroom transformed into a mammoth Disney studio!
Sets took shape, the magic of the night was in full view!

Live animation of Disney characters populated the show!
How did they do that? It was a miracle of live television!

Disney Week is beloved for all ages! A magical delight!
My late husband Ken was a Disney lover! A kid at heart!

The opening was a Dance Party in a Castle! Full of fun!
Fireworks exploded welcoming the dancers to the Ball!

Princesses were dancing in ball gowns with their Princes!
Fairy dust sprinkled around the ballroom with magic wands!

Donald Duck, Minnie, Mickey, Goofy paid a visit to the Ball!
A mystical, magical night unfolded before our very eyes!

Allow me to take you on A Disney Studio Tour:

The Little Mermaid Set
Rumer and Val – Samba – Poor Unfortunate Souls
Troupe Assist
Rumer transformed into the Villainess Ursula
Incredible, insane makeup
Cauldron with snake animation

Dynamic, as dynamos drinking the Disney Juice
Deliciously wicked – feels so good to be bad
Out of this world performance, show stopper

The Pinocchio Set
Patti and Artem – Waltz – When You Wish Upon A Star
Pinocchio animation

Like a ray of yellow sunshine, a starry confection
Subdued, powerful presence, commanding presence

The Alice in Wonderland Set
Willow and Mark – Foxtrot – Alice’s Theme
Willow transformed into Alice
Mark transformed into the a Rabbit
Troupe Assist
Decks of Cards animation

Whimsical, an epic production, wow
Creative, fabulous, lyrical, lovely

The Hercules Set
Chris and Witney – Quickstep – Zero to Hero
Alfonso Ribiero Assist
Dancing ladies animation

Herculean effort, animated, strong movements
Magnificent on Mount Olympus, valiant dance

The Aladdin Set
Noah and Sharna – Foxtrot – A Whole New World
Magic Carpet Ride to Meet a Princess

Clear, competent direction, great lines
A natural connection and interaction, fabulous

The Mary Poppins Set
Robert and Kym – Quickstep – Step in Time
Troupe Assist with brooms
Mary Poppins flying in the air with her umbrella
A Dancing Chorus Line

Fun, soft, elegant, energetic, a fun frolic
Really poppin’, full of razz-ma-tazz, peppy

The Pirates of the Caribbean Set
Riker and Allison – Paso Doble – He’s A Pirate
Riker transformed into Captain Jack Sparrow
Allison transformed into Elizabeth
Troupe Assist

Epic, powerful production of precision
Beast of a Paso, showmanship, true artistry

The Lady and The Tramp Set
Suzanne and Tony – Jazz – He’s A Tramp
Tony’s Restaurant
Lady and The Tramp dining with Tony and Suzanne
Chef’s serenade and Lady and The Tramp Animation

Easy on the eye, with style and with a smile
Depth of dance, with classic elegance and grace

The Frozen Set
Derek and Nastia – Jazz – Love Is An Open Door
The Ice Has Been Broken

Swirling, twirling, shadow dancing, Broadway revue
Warm heart on a cold evening, marriage proposal, she said yes

The sets were complete, each set:

Captured the essence of the Wonderful World of Disney!

Production closed down for the night to copious applause!
The Magical Night of Disney – Walt Disney would approve!

Written By Lois A Troutman, April 15, 2015

Suzanne and Tony worked one last night of their magic!
Their time in the Disney Ballroom had come to an end!

Next show is Spring Break and Team Dances on Monday!
More magic will be woven under our spells next week!