DWTSRussia Semi-Finals With Gleb Savchenko, Adelina Sotnikova, Elena Samodanova – Special Preview, Photos, Video

Are you ready for the Dancing With The Stars Russia Semi-finals? For starters, Anastassija (@NastineLi at twitter) was so gracious and wrote us a fun preview for what the show is about this week so we’d understand it better. It reads as follows….

Anastassija: The 10th show of DWTS RUSSIA will be dedicated to the most popular and successful singer of Soviet Union and Russia of all times, Alla Pugachjova. She had her birthday on April, 15 (she turned 66) so they decided to make such a present to her. Each pair takes their favourite song by A.Pugachjova and performs a dance. She has a very rich repertoir, so it’s very difficult to guess the choices.

To make it a bit more clear, she is somewhat like Madonna or Michael Jackson for Russians. Actually when she was young, she was really a mega-star and an absolute idol for several generations of soviet people. Now she almost doesn’t perform, but she is extremely respected and a very influential person in the world of show business in Russia. She is a welcome guest on many shows, she used to be a judge on a very famous russian-produced international talent festival New Wave, she also produced her own talent show(smth like Star Academy) “Factor A”. So she still stays very active ;)) and i won’t be surprised if tomorrow she is one of the judges ;))

An interesting fact – she is wife of the host of the show, Maxim Galkin. They have a big age difference, but they are happily married and have little twins. Though, A.Pugachjova has a grown up daughter, who is also a popular singer in Russia, and two grandsons, one of whom also tries to be a professional musician. You can read really much about her here. And here you can listen to a collection of her really greatest hits and most popular songs of all her career ;))

Back to Vogue: So, this week Gleb Savchenko is dancing in a men’s group dance. Anastassija tells us they will be dancing to a song called “Kings Can Do Anything”.


Anastassija translated the lyrics for us below and what they mean to set up this dance before we see it….

1.Once upon a time there lived a king
He rules his country and his people as he only could
And his name was Louis the Second.
But the song is not about him but about love.
At those times there lived a beauty
She … the shepherd geese at the walls of the palace,
But for Louis she was the prettiest of all
And he decided to marry her
Kings can do anything, kings can do anything,
They even decide the destiny of the whole world,
But no matter what you say
No king can marry for love
2.”I will marry, I will marry, I will marry”, said Louis.
And all his neighbours kings immediately arrived to him,
And there was a huge scandal, a really huge scandal.
But the song is not about that but about love.
And finally he married another woman.
She had only kings in her pedigree.
But if you saw the portrait of that princess,
You would never envy Louis

Also, below is a video of the Guys (including Gleb) in rehearsals for the Group dance…

As for Gleb and Adelina they are dancing a Freestyle dance. Below is a new picture courtesy of Adelina’s instagram where she thanked all of their fans for voting….


And isn’t this a breathtaking shot of Elena Samodanova getting ready for the show? I was gasping. Let’s wish her another fun night of judging!


Ok, with that said. It’s almost show time. We’ll be sure to update with Gleb and Adelina’s dances as soon we can in the space below. Note that the show starts 10:18am ET just like last week. As always, you can watch Dancing With The Stars Russia at Live Russia TV. If the LIVE stream doesn’t work, check my twitter page as I’ll be tweeting some streams that will work.

Also, follow @Nastineli at twitter as she plans to update and translate the show for us. Team Sotka is also a great one to follow for updates and photos. Special thanks to both Girls for all of their awesome help and making the show that much more enjoyable!

Lastly, and this is so important if you want to see Gleb and Adelina move to the Finals, be sure to VOTE as much as you can. If you are able to… “send a SMS with number 10 to 1075” to VOTE for their dance today. You can also vote for Gleb and Adelina to win a Fans Choice Trophy Award at this link online daily and all week until the end of the season. Anyone can vote including International voters. If you need directions, see this twitter link as Anastassija Lipkova has been so nice explaining it for us so well (note that number of votes in the 3rd line is just a figure. Ticking the 1st box is obligatory. The 2nd box is optional. Your votes go to a good cause as well.

Ok, stay tuned for updates below and be sure to let us (and them!) know what you think in comments. Thanks, Everyone! And special thanks Anastassija for all of her help with this post!!

ETA: The men’s group dance was first. It was such a cute and fun dance. For photos see VK.com.

ETA2: Gleb and Adelina’s just danced. They took us straight to the heavens. The lifts, the romance, the floor runs, the splits, etc. were breathtaking. They so beautiful and full of passion. Their costumes were beautiful too. They scored a 50 with it! For stunning shots of them see VK.com and Lupita Garcia.

ETA3: Gleb and Adelina placed 2nd this week and they made the FINALS!!!! WOO HOO!!! CONTRATULATIONS GLEB AND ADELINA!!!!

Stay tuned for videos….

ETA4: Here is the Mens Group Dance…

ETA5: Below is Adelina and Gleb’s Freestyle dance….