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PureDWTS 10th Anniversary Special – Who Do You Hope to See Back?

After much speculation (and a lot of questions!) we now know that the 10th Anniversary Special is taping this coming Tuesday, April 21, and will air on April 28  May 7 (or May 14, depending on who you ask).  What we aren’t so positive on is who will be returning to dance – Deep Throat has confirmed that Kelly & Alfonso will be participating, and thanks to Claire for the heads-up on this interesting post to Emmitt’s charity auction. So who else might we see? And who do we Pure girls want to see? Read on…

ETA1: Ok, got some new info that clarifies the format of the anniversary special a bit.  Apparently the list of returning celebs is MASSIVE; HOWEVER – not everyone returning is going to be performing individually.  Most of them are going to be performing in groups, and they’re doing brand new dances.  For example – a bunch of the NFL players are going to be performing together (squeeeee!!!) and so far, it’s definitely going to be Emmitt, Kurt Warner, Jacoby, and Donald…and there may be more 😀 Not gonna lie – about crashed my car when I got that text from Deep Throat.  I would guess that their respective pros are going to be performing with them. Now with that knowledge under our belts, I’m guessing that Kristi, Katherine (yes, I know she’s pregnant, but she’s on the list), Chelsea, and Sadie may be performing as a group with Mark.  As far as Deep Throat knows right now, the only couples dancing individually are Kelly & Val, Alfonso & Witney, and Meryl & Maks. 

ETA2: Guess I need to clarify a few things so that this post does not become a royal pain in my ass 🙂 First: I HAVE INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, ETC. TOO.  If Melissa & Tony confirm they’re in, I will see it, and I will get around to posting it WHEN I’M NO LONGER ASLEEP.  Repeatedly tweeting me and commenting here will not make it go any faster.  Second: I mentioned above that the list of returning celebs is HUGE.  The list below isn’t comprehensive, it was just what DT could remember off the top of his/her head.  There is NO USE in getting bent outta shape about your favorite not being included (yet) – there is definitely more that what we have here.  BREATHE. Three: some of you have tweeted me with some pretty flimsy findings that supposedly confirm that so-and-so is in or whatnot.  Unless a celeb states “I’m going to be on the anniversary special” or I get confirmation from Deep Throat, they’re not going on the “confirmed” list.  I added a new section for “random chatter” where I might post things like that, if I find them relevant.  Fourth: Don’t be that annoying person that continually DM’s myself, Heidi, Vogue, or John begging to know if [insert celeb or pro here] is coming back for the special.  All we know right now is posted here, and we’ll share more if we hear more.  Fifth: hearing conflicting reports about when the special is airing – it’s either the 7th or 14th.  At this point, all I care is that it’s NOT THIS WEEK…

ETA3: More names confirmed for the big NFL players group dance.  Also: Anna will be performing in it, so she is back.

ETA4: Per Deep Throat, 3 of Derek’s former partners and 3 of Mark’s former partners are all dancing together (with Derek & Mark) in a “bromance”-themed dance.  Sadie may have an individual dance.

ETA5: In yet another scheduling shakeup, Anniversary Special will now air next Tuesday, Apr. 28; first results show is pushed to the following Tuesday, May 5.  Single elim in week 7; double elim moved to week 8. Discuss.

Confirmed for 10th Anniversary Special:

Kelly Monaco & Val (season 15 All-Stars, 3rd place) – doing their paso doble and/or their surfer flamenco
Alfonso Ribeiro & Witney (season 19 champions) – doing their salsa
Meryl Davis & Maks (season 18 champions) – some individual dance
Emmitt Smith (season 3 champion) – NFL player group dance
Jacoby Jones (season 16, 3rd place) – NFL player group dance
Kurt Warner (season 11, 5th place) – NFL player group dance
Donald Driver (season 14 champion) – NFL player group dance
Jerry Rice (season 2 runner-up) – NFL player group dance
Michael Irvin (season 9, 7th place) – NFL player group dance
Hines Ward (season 12 champion) – NFL player group dance
Chelsea Kane (season 12, 3rd place) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Kristi Yamaguchi (season 6 champion) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Katherine Jenkins (season 14 runner-up) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Sadie Robertson (season 19 runner-up) – individual dance (?)
Maria Menounos (season 14, 4th place) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Amber Riley (season 16 champion) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Amy Purdy (season 18 runner-up) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Chelsie Hightower – not sure who she’s dancing with or what they’re doing, but she confirmed she’ll be back
Anna Trebunskaya – dancing in the NFL players group dance (and possibly others)
Melissa Rycroft & Tony (season 8, 3rd place; season 15 All-Stars champions) – Tony confirmed on Instagram; I’m guessing they’re doing an individual dance

Confirmed as not involved:

Shawn Johnson (season 8 champion, season 15 All-Stars runner-up) – knee injury
Zendaya (season 16 runner-up) – had other commitments in NYC, per her mom

Random chatter – take with a grain of salt:

Bill Engvall – tweeted this the other day – see Emma’s response further down
Margaret Cho – could be her in the background of this Instagram pic posted by Allison
Janel Parrishwill be at the show – but unclear if she’s actually dancing or will just be in the audience Read more..

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New Photos Of Edyta Sliwinska, Karina Smirnoff, Chelsie Hightower And More In “Dancing Pros Live”

Dancing Pros Live is about to wrap up their shows for the season!! Their last several shows took place in Michigan and North Carolina. If you’d like to see some beautiful new photos of Edyta Sliwinska, Chelsie Hightower, Karina Smirnoff, Drew Lachey, and other cast members, be sure to see Let’s hope this unforgettable tour hits the road again soon!! Instagram below courtesy of Edyta Sliwinska.

ETA: Chelsie is coming back to do the Anniversary Special. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Edyta and Karina!


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DWTS Season 20, Week 5 – Dancing by the Numbers

Ah where to start this week? Well, I could rant about the judges (or was it just CAI) being total nut jobs in their scoring – towards Nastia and Robert, in particular – but I feel like I’m preaching to the choir and I got it out of my system earlier in the week. Besides, it very likely doesn’t matter that CAI is a complete ass, because I don’t think anyone is touching Nastia, Riker, or Rumer. And probably not Willow either. Although you never know…

DWTS 20 wk 5 table 1 Read more..

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