Angels Weigh In On New Las Vegas Odds For Dancing With The Stars Week 7

Well, the odds makers have placed their new bets for week 7 of Dancing With The Stars Season 20 at Sports Bovada. We’re seeing some switches again after last week’s show. Note how Riker Lynch and Rumer Willis are now tied for second place. I was also shocked to see Noah Galloway so low this time. Take a look at the new odds. Does this look about right or are they totally wrong? Let us know in comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts as always.

Nastia Liukin 11/10
Riker Lynch 3/1
Rumer Willis 3/1
Willow Shields 6/1
Robert Herjavec 33/1
Noah Galloway 40/1
Chris Soules 50/1

My thoughts: In my opinion, Rumer should be in 4th. If I was going to tie someone for 2nd place, I’d tie Riker and Willow instead. Unless we see some huge stand out dances in the coming weeks, I don’t think Rumer is all that. I would also put Noah above Robert. In fact, I think it’s going to be between Robert and Chris going home next.

Heidi and Court, what do you think?

Heidi: I’m thinking there should be a 3-way tie for first place, with Willow in second, cuz I’m not at all sure what’s going to happen. This week will be interesting. Was last week a fluke for Rumer, where they called out the choreo and the attitude of the dance? Or is it the new normal? And why the change in tune?? These judges like to be right – is Riker coming on strong and taking over the competition?? You know, I’m going to vote my butt off for Nastia, but I would love to see the expression on Val’s face if Riker were to win with a non-ballroom trained pro. THAT would be hilarious. πŸ˜€ Interesting, Nastia got kinda hosed by the judges as well but the odds makers seem to think she’s bullet proof. I wonder if her odds change if Derek’s out for good? Anyway, I think the bottom three are correct, and probably in that order. Hard to say. Noah is a wild card.

Courtney: I, like Heidi, still think it could be any one of 3 people taking the top spot at this point – and with Riker peaking at the right time, I think he might possibly edge out Rumer.Β  Speaking of the latter, I’m still not positive how she’s doing in the votes department – sure, she’s getting great scores, but how many people have actually VOTED for her? With the Val fans seemingly splintering into factions (the Vajanel shippers vs. the Rumer fans vs. the Kelly fans vs. the rational few that don’t care about shipping), I’m not sure he can rely upon every single vote he got with Janel last season to also get up and vote this season.Β  And how many people are voting for her based on who her parents are? I just don’t think we have a clear picture at this point.Β  I’m also uncertain about Robert & Noah – Robert may be more able-bodied, but he’s also gotten kinda beat up by the judges recently; Noah may be reaching the peak of what he’s able to do, but he seems to have a LOT of fan support.Β  Who will edge out whom? Will be interesting to see.Β  And for the love of god, I hope Chris the Clydesdale FINALLY loses steam this week…but at this point, with him already having edged out Suzanne & Patti, I wonder if this guy just has a lot of steam coming off of The Bachelor.Β  Willow? Somewhere in the middle – she seems to run hot and cold, and this past week she faded into the woodwork a bit.