DWTSRussia Finale: Coverage Of Gleb Savchenko And Adelina Sotnikova, Voting Info, Videos, Photos, And More


The time has come #DWTSRussia fans!! The Dancing With The Russia Finale is taking place tomorrow, Saturday, 9:50am ET. Thanks to everyone who has been following along. It’s so cool how Gleb Savchenko, Adelina Sotnikova, Elena Samodanova and this wonderful cast have brought us all together. We’ve made new awesome friends from all over the world. It’s amazing when you think about it, isn’t it?

And as you know, now it’s more important than ever to vote for Gleb Savchenko And Adelina Sotnikova if you’d like to see them win this competition. They’ve done their work, so, now it’s time to do ours and show them our appreciation! Here’s what you can do to help them win the Mirror Ball trophy:

You must:
– vote strictly during the airing of the show from 16.50 till 20.00 Moscow, Russia time. In other countries the local time is 9:50am ET US; 14:50 London, England; 22:50pm Tokyo, Japan; 23:50 Sidney, Australia. If you need another time converted to the country where you live, see this link.

The two options to vote:
– by sms send 10 to short number 1075
– go on-line using your credit card to this official link and follow the instructions at NastineLi’s twitter. Amount of votes by sms is unlimited; on the web you can send up to 300 votes at a time indicating the necessary figure in the field “amount of votes” and you can vote as many times as you can. Remember that each single vote is precious!! Even if you can send just 1 vote, do that!!! It can be crucial!!! Ask any of your friends for help!!! People from every country can vote. Only together we can do it!!!! Note that ALL of your votes will go to a good cause as well which is so cool.

As always, you can watch Dancing With The Stars Russia at Live Russia TV. However, if the LIVE stream doesn’t work, check my twitter page as I’ll be tweeting some streams that will work. Also, follow @NastineLi at twitter if you’d like translations during the LIVE show.

With all that said, I’d like to send a special thanks to @NastineLI and @TeamSotka for all of their info, help, promotions, and translations. We couldn’t have provided much of the information in many of these posts during the season without them. They’ve made the show that more enjoyable. #OneLove

Ok, stay tuned! We plan to keep updating this post with info, video, and photos as soon we can. In the meantime, read our exclusive interview with Gleb to read about their new dances for the Finals if you haven’t yet. And below is a beautiful video of Gleb and Adelina’s journey courtesy of Adelina. If you had to pick your favorite dances so far, which would they be? I have loved all of them, but, their Foxtrot, Waltz, and Freestyle have been my favorites so far. GO GET EM, #TEAMSOTKA!! Thanks, Everyone!

ETA: Hi. It’s Saturday and the show is about to start. Before it starts, here is an exclusive report from Judge Elena Samodanova right from the show that she did for us (my first audio interview from three locations for what works best for you). Enjoy and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!!!

Elena Samodanova Reports From 2015 DWTSRussia… by Voguerista

ETA2: Gleb and Adelina couldn’t have been more on their mark today as they have been all season. Both dances were powerful, creative, and intense. The Paso Doble left me absolutely speechless. Gleb was a #MasterBullFighter while Adelina was the #TheLadyInRed. They ended up with perfect scores for both dances. They also won the “Fans Choice Award” for the season. They didn’t win the mirror ball,…they placed 2nd…but, they won our hearts as @TeamSotka said at twitter. I couldn’t be more proud of them than I am right now. Hugs to ALL! For beautiful photos, see DWTSRussia Facebook, Team Sotka, NastieLi, and Lupita Garcia at twitter. We hope to have videos shortly along with Elena’s stunning dance as well. Let us know what you think in comments and please send them all some LOVE for a job well done this season!!!!

ETA3: Here are their dances. Let us know what you think. I think I just died and passed out again. What an unforgettable season. I will never forget it. Thank you Gleb, Adelina, and Elena…and all of you too!:

ETA4: And here is Elena’s dance! Isn’t it breathtaking? I can’t get enough!