The Dancing Poetry Corner – Dancing Through The Decades

Dancing Through The Decades

Who would have thought Dancing With The Stars would have the longevity like that Pink Energizer Bunny! It just keeps going and going and going…… If I have my way and the dancing gods (and ABC) cooperate, the show will be wound up for another ten years! I think that is not out of the realm of possibility. But, it’s up to all of you. Viewership must remain strong! It must continue to be a force in the dancing universe! The show is as golden as it was ten years ago. The opening number on Monday’s show was a golden depiction replete with golden gowns!

I will have a special writing dedicated to tonight’s Tenth Anniversary Special! I cannot wait to see this magnificent spectacle devoted to the juggernaut Dancing With the Stars has become. From its humble beginnings to now, it is a golden show!

Monday night’s show had an appropriate theme because of the decade the show has been on the air. Please join me as we go:

Dancing Through The Decades

Five, four, three, two, one! Cue the dancers in golden hue!
Cue the hosts! Cue the judges! Cue our dancing appetites!

The audience whipped into a frenzy, excitement building!
The atmosphere is electric, like a trillion mega-watt bulbs!

Please join me for:

The Opening of Gold

The opening befitting a celebration of gold
Golden gowns, glamorous, glorious, graceful
A top-hat and tales elegant extravaganza

The curtain rises to the dancing pairs:

Dancing Through The Decades

The 1920s
Riker and Alison
Quickstep – Wiggle
Baseball Players Assist

Like A Field of Dreams, a Baseball Blast
Knock it out of the park, a dancing home run
Circling the bases, fancy footwork, innovative

The 1940s
Chris and Witney
Foxtrot – Five Minutes More
Troupe Assist at the Train Station

Sailor and his love, one last dance before going to war
A lovers leap of faith, fluid footwork
A ravishingly romantic rendezvous

The 1960s
Rumer and Val
Jive – Dear Future Husband
Troupe Assist and a Dance Band

Jubilant, Joyful, Jumpin’ Jack Flash Jive
Sweeping across a dancing landscape
Wholesome as homemade Apple Pie, nostalgic Americana

The 1970s
Noah and Sharna
Jazz – Super Bad
Troupe Assist

With the precision of a dazzling group drill team
Brilliant concept and choreography, twice the man
So hot yet so cool – gave us the best chills

The 1980s
Robert and Kym
Argentine Tango – Word Up

Like a hot tamale In a desert oasis, mega-passion
Intertwining, intersecting of impeccable movements
Luscious meeting of lips, tempting Tango

Modern Day
Nastia and Sasha
Modern Charleston – Honey I’m Good
Troupe Assist with Andy Grammer

On the train tracks of a thriller, speeding steps
On a ride with a dancing dream
A revelation of a dance, Sasha-fied

Willow and Mark
Futuristic Jazz – Electric Feel

Nifty Ninja theme, choreographic feat by Marvelous Mark
Particularly precise, mystical, hypnotic, innovative
A crouching tiger has become a Master

A Dance-Off Spiced up the Present in the Ballroom
Duos and dances were chosen, let the Dance-Off begin:

Riker and Alison v Mark and Willow
Salsa – Temperature

Shimmying, specific, salsa-fied movements
Hips shaking as if in a salsa shaker, spiffy

The Judges Paddles Declared – Mark and Willow The Winners!

Noah and Sharna v Robert and Kym
Cha-Cha-Cha – Dance With Me

Classy, sassy compilation of steps and hip movements
With sharp, staccato feel, and pivot precision

The Judges Paddles Declared – Noah and Sharna The Winners!

Rumer and Val v Chris and Witney
Foxtrot – Orange Colored Sky

Flirty, flowing, fabulous, robust, romantic
Ravishing movements, dazzling and dynamic

The Judges Paddles Declared – Rumer and Val The Winners!

The Past, Present, Future intersected, Dancing Through The Decades
Mark and Willow were chosen, the next to go, taking their final bows!

Written By Lois A Troutman, April 28, 2015