Dancing with the Stars Season 20, Week Eight RESULTS!! (Spoilers)

Was going to wait to the end of the results show, like normal, to do this post, then figured this would be cleaner. Everyone discussing this show in the same place.

Well, if the beginning of the results show wasn’t enough to put you off dinner, nothing will. It’s not the dancing, the dancing was fine. I’m talking about the overlong glowing crap ass pimp show package for Val and Rumer. Ya’ll are trying to hard – it’s making me suspicious. Plus your agenda is showing.

Anyway, Rumer is safe.

Okay, it appears they are giving everyone a nice long recap. I’ll have to time it to see if they give everyone the same tongue bath they gave to Rumer.

LOL to Tom Bergeron for telling Riker he “fell in the deep end of the gene pool.” Indeed.

Chris is in jeopardy.

So, any bets to either Riker or Nastia being in jeopardy??

Yes, either Riker or Nastia is going to be in Jeopardy, since Noah is going to the Semi-final and Robert was just eliminated.

So, Nastia is safe and Riker in jeopardy. I have a hard time believing that Riker goes home, but I’m getting a bad vibe.

Maybe it’s the fact that they insist on putting Nastia in the worst possible light. At least they gave her the chance to say that bit about people thinking she’s “like that” and Derek comforting her. I guess we see why Derek was po’ed by the package. I sense they may have finally pushed him to far. Is it wrong of me to hope that he moves on to something where he gets more respect??

And Chris was eliminated. As predicted, Robert and Chris don’t make the semi-final, and Riker, Rumer, Nastia and Noah do. The crazy ass pimpage of Rumer really makes me wonder what may happen next week.