Las Vegas Odds For The DWTS Season 20 Finale : Let Us Know What You Think

So, the odds makers at Sports Bovada have placed their bets for the Dancing With The Stars Season 20 Finale. I have to say, I am not surprised how they placed them again for the story boarding that has taken place on this show, the last elimination (that I’m still not over. 🙁 ), and how much promotion there has been for Rumer and Val. Though one thing to note: the odds makers haven’t been right about who they’ve placed first or last this whole season. Anyway, take a look below and let us know what you think in comments.

Rumer Willis 2/5
Riker Lynch 7/4
Noah Galloway 12/1

My thoughts: They most likely have it right. Rumer and Val are going to win…especially being TPTB seem to be getting their way for how they want this show to turn out this season. And how convenient too with a looming summer tour about to take place. So, all odds are in Rumer and Val’s favor. But, with everything I am, I hope Riker or Noah (either one) win this competition. I’m not a fan of manipulation and promo of one couple being shoved down my throat. When it happens, I run the other way. I’m not a fan to egotistical pros who diss their fellow pros. With that said, I want Riker and Allison to win for all of their hard work, dancing ability, and creative and powerful productions. I’d also love to see Noah and Sharna win for how they’ve touched us week after week and all of their productions too…..and I especially loved their cool lifts. So, I imagine you know how I’ll be voting. 🙂

Let’s see what Courtney and Miss Heidi think…..

Courtney: I’m having a really, really hard time with this – especially since Nastia’s elimination is still not adding up to me, since it seemed to really go against what we know from the history of this show to be typical voting behavior.  It was almost as if Nastia got Sabrina’d – but that only happens when a celeb seems to struggle with votes for the ENTIRE SEASON, and we know for a fact that Nastia was leading in the votes at some point, because of what Tom said.  The only thing that I think may have legit contributed to it was the unflattering, Russian ice-princess portrayal they gave Nastia last week – both in her package AND that sorry excuse for Dance Center humor.  Since when is being Russophobic funny? It’s not – except when you somehow need to make a symbol of national pride (an Olympic gold medalist) somehow unpalatable to a conservative-leaning viewing audience. I would hope that viewers would have seen through all that, but clearly I may overestimate their collective emotional intelligence. It all just BUGS.  While the pattern of pimping and cramming Rumer & Val down our throats makes part of me want to throw in the towel and go “Fine, you win – now go away!”, a bigger part thinks Nastia’s elim may actually make it harder for Rumer to win –  because now you’ve got quite a few pissed off fans looking to get even, and the random sampling I’m seeing online seem to be directing their blame for Nastia’s elim towards Rumer or Noah.  This may give Riker a bit of an edge – ability-wise, he’s got the best chance of beating out Rumer, and nobody seems to really be blaming him for Nastia’s elimination.  But then there’s the two elephants in the room: he’s got dance experience (which Tallulah Willis seems to be losing sleep over on the regular) AND some folks seem to still have a bee in their bonnet over the fact that he’s a distant relative of the Houghs.  So that brings us to Noah – ability-wise, he’s got the hardest row to hoe of the 3 finalists, but he also seems to have the strongest sympathy (and patriotic) vote on his side.  But as I mentioned before, I also see him getting quite a bit of blame for Nastia going home – even though I’m not convinced that he would have been the one leaving if Nastia had stayed. As for Rumer – TPTB have done a bang-up job of making sure she comes out smelling like roses next to the other two.  They’re still pushing the “I have no dance experience!” narrative (lie), the bullying narrative, and the “Val’s never won!” narrative (nevermind that neither of the other 2 pros in the finale this season have, either – IT’S VAL’S SEASON, Y’ALL!!!), and there’s the fact that she’s the only female finalist in a season right after one where a dude won (never understood some fans’ need to “alternate” between a male & female champion, but some really seem hung up on it) – on paper, it’s looking like she’s going to win this.  But part of me is still holding out hope that manipulation we’ve endured all season backfires, and we see Noah or Riker hoist that trophy.

Heidi: I’m going to do my best to make sure they’re NOT right. 🙂  I haven’t seen the blame on Noah, however. What I have seen are a bunch of Derek/Nastia fans who are: a) Pissed at the producers for the obvious manipulative efforts to get rid of Nastia (confirmed to a degree by Derek in his post show interviews and blog), and b) a bunch of Derek fans pissed at Val for being…Val. Typically idiotic. That’s quite a combo. Is it the perfect storm? I have a feeling there will be a lot of people voting for anyone but Val – whether that will work or not, I have no idea. The manipulation is still on full force. Saw a commercial last night for DWTS and it was all Rumer, some Riker and very little Noah. That tells me I need to vote Noah. 🙂  At the end of the day, I have no idea if people will actually power vote against Val, but some may.  It might be enough.  They are pushing so hard for it, I would LOVE to see it backfire. It’s very possible that Rumer will end up winning this thing, but I wouldn’t call it in the bag by any stretch. They’re working so hard to make it happen, ya gotta wonder.  I wonder who they will sandbag on Monday night. Both men, or just Noah? And I wonder if Rob Wade will take his hand off the wheel a bit in the finale, after Kristyn Burtt finally got her real reporter wings by grilling him a bit last night at the Paley Center. He was squirming a good bit. Yo, Rob, Conrad always read this site a lot – maybe you should start, cuz people are really seeing the man behind the curtain now and it wasn’t so obvious when Conrad was that man.  The road to cancellation is paved with video tapes of highly manipulated episodes.