The Dancing Poetry Corner – DWTS Season 20 “Road To The Finals” Review And “Speaking of Specials”

Speaking of Specials

On May 16, 2015, ABC treated us to a Special, The Road To The Finals. Said Special served as a season review for the three Finalists:

Rumer Willis and Valentin Chmerkovskiy
Riker Lynch and Allison Holker
Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess

The Special resembled a comprehensive “Trip Down Memory Lane”. Dances were reviewed, scrutinized, and favorites of the pairs were chosen. The Judges, Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Julianne Hough, Bruno Tonoili, joined the “Trip Down Memory Lane”. They shared their thoughts on each pair, their strengths, and overall commentary of their performances.

A “Trip Down Memory Lane” took us to the early days of each finalist. People and places who were influential in making them what they are today shared their feelings.

Noah was described as a tough little boy, kids being kids. His father Andy and Mother Bebe provided insight into their son’s life. His newly-proposed fiancé Jamie Boyd chimed in, as well as William Shatner who gave his heartfelt words, “Noah teaches us to take what life offered. Not only to deal with it but make it a plus.”

Noah was touched by the September 11, 2001, destruction of The World Trade Center. That was the impetus that led him to the Armed Services. His life was turned upside down by his amputations. Eventually, his life was turned downside up again. He desired by sheer will and determination to be an example to his three children.

Pivotal moments included attempting to use an artificial arm. However, he nixed the idea. Sharna turned the Argentine Tango into a thing of beauty without the arm. Other moments featured were the Mirror Dance and the electrifying Paso Doble with the Troupe.

People and places in Riker’s life shared pivotal moments. His Father Mark, his Mother Stormie, Brothers Rocky and Ross spoke. Early on in life Riker loved performing with his brothers and sister. They could often be found in the basement rocking the house! The Mother moved with the children to Los Angeles, leaving the Father behind. It was hard on Riker to do that. A family friend Michael Vartan pontificated on how Riker’s head had not gotten big yet.

Pivotal dances showcased were the dynamic, beast of a Jack Sparrow Paso Doble. And the Trio Jazz dance with Brittany Cherry. Riker says hands down that was the most fun he had on the show!

People and places in Rumer’s life were her high-powered family. Mother Demi Moore, Father Bruce Willis, and Sisters Scout and Tallulah related how they were always together on various movie sets. Demi said her first thought was that Rumer not do the show. Demi related how low Rumer’s self-esteem could be in the past. But, Demi says it has been beautiful to watch Rumer’s confidence far outweighs her fears. It has everything to do with who she is. A friend of Rumer’s, Tye Blue, and Glenn Close and Annie Starke remarked how proud of her they are.

Rumer and Val agreed their Week One Foxtrot was their favorite dance. Rumer said she felt so beautiful doing that dance. She felt she had become a dancer.

A few fan questions were answered by each pair. A special treat was dancing by Alan Bersten, Jenna Johnson, Brittany Cherry, Mark Ballas, Lindsay Arnold and Keo during the show.

Tom Bergeron mentioned the exciting Freestyles coming on the first night, Monday of the Finale shows. Peta Murgatroyd, Derek Hough, Emma Slater, and Tony Dovolani related a pair can live and die by a Freestyle. They have to be big, special and leave a lasting impression. The Freestyle can win the competition.

Peta, Emma, Tony, Derek, Witney Carson, Keo Motsepe, Kym Johnson, Mark Ballas, and Artem Chigvintsev had some parting thoughts. They discussed what it took to prove to be a winner. It is necessary to move people, to go to new heights of emotion, to be incredibly powerful!

The Golden Mirror Ball Trophy will be awarded Tuesday night, May 19, at 11 PM. Season 20, Tenth Anniversary of the show will be in the history books. Who will create a new page in that book by winning the Trophy? As Emma said it is closer than it has ever been. Don’t miss a second of the two-night Finale!

Speaking of Specials:

As this season meandered on, I thought of many Dancing Specials ABC could offer to us. How cool would it be to perhaps have one Special in between each season! It would keep our dancing appetites whetted and help ease the major withdrawal we go through as the seasons end. I thought of:

A pro competition between the astounding pros we watch every week on the shows.

A pro exhibition of those we see every week. And certainly former pros could get in on the exhibition or competition.

A star competition between the stars who have danced on the shows. Two stars paired up to compete with other stars.

A stars exhibition, the stars paired up to bring us a Special.

Exhibition dancing or competitions from amateur dancers across the United States.

Exhibition dancing or competitions of the amazingly talented dancing children across the United States.

A Senior Citizen competition or exhibition.

The list could go on, Perhaps you could think of your own ideas to add to the list.

A wish of mine that is echoed by countless others I have seen is for ABC to release the seasons on DVD. Come on ABC, how about it?!

Another thought came to me today. How about:

Dancing With The Stars – The Movie – A Feature Film! Of course starring the pros from the show! I am sure some genius writer could come up with a concept and pen a Blockbuster!

Please stay tuned for more from me this week. And, I have some ideas to keep my work on this site going between seasons.

To be continued……………….

Written By Lois A Troutman, May 17, 2015