The Dancing Poetry Corner – Seasoned With Gold – A Perfect 10 Celebration

Finale – Part Two

The Perfect 10 Tenth Anniversary, Season 20, came to a close. From start to finish, an air of celebration permeated inside and outside of the Ballroom. Champagne was sipped, the bubbly flowing freely! The show was vibrant, jam-packed with dancing, singing, remembrances, Ike a non-stop party! A brand-new pristine white outdoor stage was debuted! A highlight was a Rehearsal Blooper Reel with the cast being their playful selves! Tony Dovolani and the Pros spoofed a Bruce Willis movie Die Hard. Their version was Dance Hard! It was a cute, clever concept! A trip through the season was taken highlighting theme weeks, a double elimination, Trios, Team Dances, and the Semi-Finals. Stars talked about their fellow Finalists.

The Road to The Mirror Ball was paved with Gold! A brand-new, blinged-out Trophy awaited the winners at the Finish Line! The Finale was:

Seasoned With Gold – A Perfect 10 Celebration!

Many acts populated the Finale – Let’s Get On With The Show!

Act One
The Grand Opening

To a backdrop of fans cheering wildly, whipped into a frenzy
To the Judges sipping on the bubbles of champagne
The dancing exploded with entire cast and Finalist pairs featured
The Perfect Grand Opening to The Perfect Ten Celebration

Act Two
Riker and Allison – Encore Freestyle

Chosen by the fans, the encore explosive Freestyle
With The Troupe Assist, it was a dynamite display of dance

Act Three
Riker and Allison
Jive – What I Like About You

In the high spirit of the celebration
A special dance by a special pair

Act Four
Redfoo featuring Emma Slater
Juicy Wiggle
With Troupe Assist

The Juiciest, Juiced-up, Jumpin, Jubilant dance
Larger than life production, squeezed with Joy
Entire cast and the audience getting in on the fun

Act Five
Keo and Charlotte
With a Dolphin and the Famous Dancing Crabs
With Troupe Assist

A shaken and stirred, beachy-cool dance bonanza
Beach balls flying, hips shaking, full of fun

Act Six
Witney and Alfonso
Sadie and Mark
Sadie and Alfonso

A fabulous, special, reunion dance
Two stars shining on the dance floor together

Act Seven
A Surprise Reveal

To the hearty endorsement of Tom Bergeron
Alfonso was revealed as new Host of
America’s Home Videos, to cheers of good will and luck

Act Eight
Tony and Suzanne – Copacabana
With Troupe Assist

Full of flirty, fabulous, feathery fun
A Las Vegas atmosphere showcase

Act Nine
Kym and Robert – Bills
With Troupe Assist

Exciting, effervescent, specialicious
High-energy, high-wattage smiles
Chemistry to burn from season favorites

Act Ten
Jason Derulo
With Dance Troupe featuring Emma Slater

Electrifying, energetic, balls of fire dancing
Dynamic, delicious, decadent dynamos of dancers
Spectacular, stylized, ensemble number

Act Eleven
Derek and Amy
Sharna and Noah

Very special, inspirational, moving presentation
Showcasing challenging triumphs of Noah and Amy

Act Twelve
Chris and Witney

A jolly, jovial, jaunty, Jumpin’ Jive
A look back at a first special dance

Act Thirteen
Derek, Sasha, Nastia
With Andy Grammar
With Troupe Assist

A Modern Charleston, dance on a train
Highly creative, highly-energetic
Choreography feat of fabulous, fantastic fun

Act Fourteen
Val and Rumer

A golden and white dance on pristine white stage
Feat of rhythmic steps and glitzy gyrations

Act Fifteen
Willow and Mark
A Disney Trip Through Wonderland
With Troupe Assist

A whimsical, wonderful, dance of wonder
A spectacular trip through wonderland

Act Sixteen
Fifth Harmony
With Dancing With The Stars Female Dancers

A fantastic, fierce, fabulous female dance showcase
Delivered with gusto by marvelously talented dancers

Act Seventeen
Julianne and Derek
Two Superb Young Dancers – Joey Durbin and Emma York
Mirroring Derek and Julianne
With Sia

A contemporary choreography wonder
Contrast and duplication of two rooms

Act Eighteen
Patti and Artem
In Da Club
With a Pros Dance Ensemble

Pros like we have never seen them before
A grand, glorious, glowing dance number
A Pristine Patti Perfect Presentation

Act Nineteen
24 Hour Fusion Dances

The Finalists entered the rehearsal rooms for one last time to prepare the Fusion Dances. Pictures of their journeys greeted them. They shared moving, motivational thoughts with each other. Friendships were forged to last a lifetime.

Riker and Allison

Sassy, spicy, stylish, stepping out showcase
Unique, outstanding, powerhouse performance
A multi-talented boy who brings joy

Rumer and Val

Pulsating to the beats of music, on top of the game
Irresistible, shining star, the real deal
A talent is pushed with brilliant choreography

Noah and Sharna

Showcase in pure white, picturesque poses
Majestic, lifts of strength, Noah gave so much to America
A beacon of inspiration, Viewers Favorite

Act Twenty
Patti – Two Steps Away
To the backdrop of the finalist pairs’ journeys

A stupendous vocal powerhouse
Deep emotion permeating the Ballroom

Act 21
The Golden Mirror Ball Trophy Winners Revealed

To the roar and appreciation of the Ballroom, Noah and Sharna took center stage in Third Place. Their special, incredibly inspirational journey had come to a close.

Standing at attention, with nerves coming out of every pore
To the beats of their hearts, to the beats of the clock

Riker and Allison were revealed to be in Second Place. Their astoundingly amazing journey came to a close

The Road to The Golden, Blinged-Out, Golden Mirror Ball Trophy was closed by the announcement by Tom Bergeron!

And The Golden Mirror Ball Trophy went to:

Rumer and Val!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the roars of the Ballroom, to the awarding of the Trophy, to a confetti shower, to well-wishes, to hugs and kisses, to congratulations of their fellow pros:

Rumer and Val were hoisted in victory, the Golden Mirror Ball shining in their spotlight!

The Perfect 10, Season 20, Tenth Anniversary Season meandered along to The Finish Line!

The Finale was a fabulous, fantastic, feat of perfection! Each Finale tops the other in production values. The Dazzling, Dramatic, Delightful Finale tickled my Dancing With the Stars Fancy!

I can’t wait to get back in the Ballroom for Season 21! It will be another Sparkling and Shining Season! Is it September yet?

Written By Lois A Troutman, May 23, 2015