Question: What Are Your Top 20 – 25 Dances Of All Time On Dancing With The Stars? Can Be From Any Country!

Thanks for all of your fun answers in our recent PureDWTS discussion post on “Your Top Five Dancing With The Stars Couples Of All Time“! So, how about a new question: If you were to pick your all time Top 20-25 Dances on Dancing With The Stars, what would they be? Again, and in broadening it, your favorite dances can be from any country if you watch other versions. Also, if you can’t stop at 20 – 25, feel free to make your list bigger if you like. If picking 20 -25 is too much, feel free to make your list smaller. Also, these dances can be from couples, pro numbers, etc.. Thanks to John and Cidra for the idea for this post.

I’ll meet you I comments with my list! For now, below are two photos just to give you a little hint of my top two favorite dances of all time. Woo Hoo. See you in comments with more and Thanks, Everyone!!

Photo Courtesy of DWTSRussia Facebook

Screencap Courtesy of PureDerekHough