Dancing With The Stars Julianne Hough’s New LifeStyle Blog About What She Can Give To The World

Julianne Hough talked with People about her new blog. It’s not about her dreams and entertainment. It’s about what she can give to the world. Below is more…

“Being in the world of entertainment, as selfish as it sounds, is about me and my dreams,” Hough tells PEOPLE. “But my blog is not so much about what I can take from the world but it’s about what I can give to the world. I want you guys to know my personal stuff and what little things and tricks I like.”

Those tricks span from her favorite recipes: “My stuffed peppers are so easy to make, super healthy but also super filling, which is awesome,” says the star, who recently partnered with Babybel cheese for their Big Dreamers Contest. To beauty tips: “My readers really like when I do braids and hair tutorials,” she says. “I have to do more of those.”

Healthy eating and fitness is also naturally a big topic of conversation for Hough, who spends 2 hours a day dancing for the tour with brother Derek Hough and then still finds time to get a workout in.

You can read the article in full at People. To follw Julianne on her blogging adventures, see this link.