Dancing with the Stars Season 21 – PRO WATCH!!

Here we are again!! It’s about that time of year, folks.

And, as usual, the pros that I don’t want to be in, are already in. Or in Derek’s case….mostly in. 🙂  He’s been telling fans in Meet and Greets that he’s likely going to be on but doesn’t want to confirm in case something happens to change that. DWTSGossip says that he did indeed say yes to this season – but as she correctly pointed out, he’s said no before and it turned into a yes. But, this is Derek’s life right now (many, MANY irons in the fire) – he’s not doing it for PR, he just doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Drives me crazy. 🙂  I’ll be writing a blog soon on PureDerekHough.com about my Meet and Greet and how he answered a particular question I asked him that bodes very well for his future.

Val has also said he’ll be back and, as reigning champ, that’s no surprise. He also doesn’t seem to have the options that Derek does. I also will be curious to see how much they pimp and manipulate for him and his partner, now that he actually has a MBT. This could be one of the more interesting things about this season – if their behavior toward him changes, now that it’s mission accomplished. Someone please explain to me why Sharna or Emma don’t get the pimpage treatment?? Their social media accounts can’t touch the men’s, but still.

What about Mark? I expect him back as it helps his music career, and now his studio, for him to be on the show. I think it’s about time for him to have another shot at the MBT again – it’s not like he’s been handed ringers the past couple seasons (unlike some), he’s just been surprised and fortunate, like Derek has in the past. But I haven’t seen any talk from him on the matter.

Kinda bummed that, at this moment, I don’t see a spot for Sasha. But this could change, I guess. He’s certainly earned it, and we could use another humble pro.

I think most of the women that had a spot last year would like to be back, but there always seems to be more upheaval on the female pro side. No clue what’s going to happen there this season…other than the fact that Allison seems VERY SURE she’s back. Since she finished second, this is not surprising either. You’ll also notice that I have Kym Johnson as a no for this season in spite of other claims that the producers are “talking to Kym” about being a pro this season. She’s a judge on DWTS Australia which doesn’t end until 2 or 3 weeks AFTER DWTS US has started. Not sure who’s zooming who, here. 😉 This is one instance where you definitely can’t do both.

ETA: Apparently, Tony may be moving into Len’s judging position along with a new guy. This opens a very large hole in the male pro lineup – start praying for Sasha. Honestly don’t think I could handle the rampant narcissism coming from Henry these days. He beats all the pros hands down in the category of self love. ETA Again…now we’re not so sure on the Tony-as-judge thing, as mentioned in the comments.

The starting positions below are based on the individual pro’s status last season, except for Kym.

ETA: Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Karina is back, as well as Witney – and confirms that Val is back (kinda old news, but whatevs).  Assuming all the other female pros are back from last season (sans Kym), looks like we won’t be seeing any promotions from the troupe.

LIVE BLOG for Pro Announcement tomorrow – watch this space.

7:30am – they haven’t teased it yet, that I’ve heard.

8:00 – first tease “Will Val be champ again? Will Derek come back??”

Damn, GMA pales in comparison to CBS This Morning. Just sayin’.

Spare me Val, you ain’t no heart throb.

Okay, that was pretty pathetic – I did like that they interviewed Derek and Witney though, in addition to the self proclaimed heart throbs.

I’m not going to call Tony, Keo and Emma as OUT just yet. Remembering what happened with Sharna not that long ago. Personally, I think they announce the pros now because of the fact that leaks were starting. Scroll down for the video.

Male Pros
Val – IN
Tony – ??
Mark – IN
Artem – IN
Keo – IN
Derek – IN

Female Pros
Sharna – IN
Peta – IN
Emma – IN
Witney – IN
Allison – IN
Karina – IN

Status of Former Pros
Gleb Savchenko – Strictly Come Dancing
Tristan MacManus – Strictly Come Dancing
Anna Trebunskaya – ??
Louis Van Amstel – ??
Kym Johnson – DWTS Australia
Lacey Schwimmer – Will she do DWTS BTS again?
Cheryl Burke – Out – committed to another network
Maksim Chmerkovskiy – retired

The Troupe
Lindsay Arnold – IN
Sasha Farber – IN
Henry Byalikov – OUT
Jenna Johnson – IN
Brittany Cherry – OUT
Alan Bersten – IN
Hayley Ebert – IN
New male troupe member – IN