Is the New Replacement Judge For Dancing With The Stars Season 21 “Michael Wentink’?

Take it for what you will and we’re not sure what’s what, but we’re hearing from the #Dancevine via “a very good source” that the new judge replacement on Dancing With The Stars is going to be Michael Wentink from South Africa. Also, the judge who is being replaced is not Len Goodman like many suspected, but, Bruno Tonioli instead.

To read about Michael Wentink and his dance history, see this link. As said, we’re not sure what’s up, so take this news for what you will. Also, we’ve never used this source before, but, it seems reliable.

ETA: Heidi here to say…is it possible that both Len and Bruno are being replaced?? We’re not sure…just reporting what we’ve heard.

ETA2: DWTSGossip says that she’s 99% sure that Tony is replacing Len. I’m torn because in the last three seasons or so it’s been quite clear that manipulation rules the day, so in that case the judges shouldn’t matter. But maybe now that their main tour guy has a trophy they’ll dial it back a bit and let nature and dancing take it’s course? ~Heidi