Casting Director Deena Katz Talks About Casting Caitlyn Jenner For Dancing With The Stars In The Future

Gossip Cop talked with Deena Katz about Caitlyn Jenner. The Casting Director for Dancing With The Stars hasn’t given up trying to get Caitlyn to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Though right now she says, “let Caitlyn become Caitlyn.” Here is more…

Caitlyn Jenner needs to get her personal life in order before being invited to appear on “Dancing with the Stars,” says the show’s casting director and co-executive producer Deena Katz. “I think Caitlyn would be great on the show,” Katz exclusively tells Gossip Cop, adding, “I think right now she needs to figure out her life. Trust me, we will be fighting for her at some point. But for now, let Caitlyn become Caitlyn.”

“Coming on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is a big huge burst,” says Katz. She explains to Gossip Cop, “It kind of turns your life upside down. Let’s let her get her normal life before we disrupt it all over again, but she’d be great.”

I hope she dances someday. To read more, see Gossip Cop.