Las Vegas Odds For Dancing With The Stars Season 21 Week 1 – Do You Agree?

Sports Bavada has posted their first odds for Dancing With The Stars Season 21. Note how the Odds makers are putting Nick Carter at the top with Paula Deen and Gary Busey tied for last. Take a look below to see if you agree and let us know what you think in comments.

Nick Carter +275
Alexa PenaVega +300
Carlos PenaVega +600
Tamar Braxton +650
Bindi Irwin +700
Alek Skarlatos +1000
Andy Grammer +1200
Chaka Khan +1600
Hayes Grier +1600
Victor Espinoza +1600
Kim Zolciak Biermann +2500
Gary Busey +3300
Paula Deen +3300

My thoughts: I’m not surprised Nick is at the top, but, I’m surprised Bindi isn’t closer to the top. I’m also surprised to see Victor, Hayes, and Chaka up so high. They should be more at the bottom. I think Paula and Gary might do better than many think and might even last until the middle of the season for the entertainment factor. Who knows? Just please, the powers that be, let this season play out naturally as Dona and I want to do our Astrology and Numerology forecasts again and we won’t if there is manipulation. 👿

Heidi and Court what do you think?

Courtney: Not surprised to see Nick at the top (and I think he won’t venture too far from there for the bulk of the season), and I can understand the PenaVegas duking it out for 2nd & 3rd.  Guess I’m a bit puzzled as to why everyone is assuming Tamar is gonna be so great – aaaaand cue the defensiveness from Val and/or Tamar fans 😛  From what I can tell, she’s really only done hip-hop, and I’m just thinking back to her sis Toni in season 7 – who was alright, but not stellar.  Is she really gonna be leaps and bounds better than Toni? I don’t see her being substantially better than Bindi or even Andy – and with Alek looking pretty decent in rehearsals, too, I think Tamar, Bindi, Andy, Alek, and one or both of the PenaVegas could be shuffling around in 2nd-6th places in any given week.  I think Paula & Gary could advance a bit after the first few weeks, just based on the entertainment factor alone.  Everyone else is kind of a question mark for me at this point…

Heidi: Well, the odds makers and other “non-fans” seem to have clued into the “help” Val was getting last season – at least, that’s what I recall. So perhaps they’re expecting him to get pimped again?  Beats me. But I expect all of this will change week to week like it always does.  Interesting, the difference between Alexa and Carlos…and there isn’t that much difference between Tamar, Bindi and Carlos. I’d also agree with the three way tie between Chaka, Hayes and Victor, only I would put them closer to the bottom.