PureDWTS Season 21 Week 1 Interviews And Media After Dance Night – Video

What a night! In my opinion, last night’s Dancing With The Stars premiere was one of the best this show has ever produced. And wow, how about that opener? Can we immense ourselves in it again? Thank you TPTB!!

So, as you heard from Tom last night, there is a Double Elimination next week. One couple will leave on Monday and another couple will leave on Tuesday. *cries* This is going to be hard.

For recaps and new interviews after the show, first see E Online (I can’t embed these this season for some reason). KATU in Oregon also interviewed the couples. Glamour also has some photos and reveals some things “behind the scenes”. The Daily Mail also has some fun photos and a recap. More below with interviews from ABC7, Access Hollywood, and Afterbuzz (and one we missed the other day with Alek and FOX 11). Also below is Jimmy Kimmel’s prediction for who will win the season (Dona is already telling me her numerology is conflicting on what he predicted. That is if there is no manipulation, hmmm? Yes, we are watching this closely! 😳 😎 ). Also, be sure to see Pure Derek Hough for a lot more media with Derek and Bindi. Lastly, be sure you rank the couples with us in Courtney’s Power Ranking post.



Access Hollywood:

Alek on Fox:

Jimmy Kimmel prediction:

ETA: Here is PopTvDotCom with some after dark coverage…

ETA2: Fox11 interview a few of the celebs and Julianne after the show. Here is a take from the link:

Judge Julianne Hough said backstage she was a little surprised by the low marks, musing, “We haven’t gone that low in a couple of seasons. It kind of brought me back to season 3, season 4 when there was so much room to grow, where the scores were a bit lower and the talent wasn’t necessarily front runners getting 9s and stuff. We will see a lot of growth, a lot of surprises this season, maybe a dark horse coming through the middle. We have a great cast. They are more about the characters and the dancing will come.”

The good news is that other dancers excelled, including the late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi, 17, who tied for the highest score of the night with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, with both receiving a score of 24 out of 30.

Due to pre-show buzz, that was expected—as were the strong performances of husband and wife Carlos and Alexa PenaVega, who competing against each other. While Carlos earned a 23, Alexa came close with 22 points.

And according to Judge Hough, terror train hero Alek Skarlatos was “the surprise of the night,” as he turned in a polished foxtrot with partner Lindsay Arnold to also earn a 22.

After the show, Skarlatos told reporters, “It wasn’t perfect but I think we did really good under the pressure.”

He told FOX411, “I was very nervous. We didn’t even kind of hear the beginning, so like the music started and we went right into it. That was little bit unplanned but we still pulled it out, no problem.”

ETA3: A fun recap from Entertainment Tonight…

ETA4: Fox11 talked with Gary Busey last night. He had so much fun. Here is more….

He told FOX411 backstage after the DWTS premiere, “I feel great. I did great with Anna, from Russia with love.

“That’s how it happened. She programmed me, choreographed me in what she knows about me that I didn’t know [myself] and that’s the magic.

“It was too much fun. You know what happens when you have too much fun? Ha, ha. Use your imagination,” he said.

Busey said he wasn’t nervous at all because he got confidence from Trebunskaya—and also, from within.

“My mother and father raised a strong boy and they were very strong with me,” explained

“The Buddy Holly Story” star. “They loved me unconditionally and set me up to go and I went where I am now.”

Busey spoke on DWTS about how he was dancing in tribute to his late mother, and backstage he elaborated, “She went about three years ago, but this was her favorite show so I told the judges and Tom [Bergeron] that every dance I dance will be for my mother.”

ETA5: Here is Extra with some interviews with the cast….

ETA6: A recap from Access Hollywood and a few more interviews…