Allison Holker Teaching Andy Grammer Leg Kicks For Dancing With The Stars

Andy Grammar has posted a new blog at She Knows. He writes that his hammies are tight as Dancing With The Stars partner Allison Holker is teaching him leg kicks for hours on end. He answers questions from fans too and reveals one of their dances. Read on and more at the link.

SK: What did fans not see backstage?

AG: Honestly, fans see everything! There are cameras in the mirrors. You literally see every little last thing.

SK: What’s one piece of advice Allison gave you this week?

AG: I mean it’s hard to pick one. Basically, she is giving me dancing advice for about six hours every day. She’s so wonderful, and one of the best dancers in the world, so taking advice from her isn’t too bad.

SK: What will we see from you next week?

AG: Next week, we are performing a Jive. I feel like it’s a little more my personality, super uptempo and upbeat. I feel like we are coming out swinging next week! #TeamAndison