Update On DWTS Strictly Come Dancing’s Gleb Savchenko And Tristan MacManus

I’m getting so excited to watch “Strictly Come Dancing” and the premiere is coming up quickly on this coming Friday and Saturday (yes, get those streams ready, Guys!). For some cool interviews with Dancing With The Stars pros Gleb Savchenko and Tristan MacManus, see The Mirror and The Sunday Express. They’ve posted some amazing photos at each link too. And as you can see below, I can’t get enough of the country photos of Gleb and his partner Anita Rani! Beautiful! More coming later this week with a new blog by Nathan! Special thanks to ‏@jane9668 and @clrhmly for the help with this post. See their twitter accounts for even more extras.

Tristan at The Mirror;
He said: “Things have been great. Jamelia is super. I obviously didn’t know her before the show but she’s really easy to get on with. I like her a lot. We’ve been having fun.


“The rehearsals have been quite light and we’re getting a lot of work done. We generally get on with each other, which always makes it easier. We don’t have to fake anything then.”

He pointed out: “Me and my wife are very, very comfortable. There’s been a big deal made out of it but I haven’t been around when any of this stuff has happened.

“I think once you’re very comfortable and happy in your own life and with your own partner that’s enough.

“My wife and I have a very strong marriage. I very much separate myself from the show when I’m not doing it.

Gleb at The Sunday Express:
At the age of 19, he met another beautiful girl called Elena Samodanova in a dance studio who later became his wife. She is a judge on the Russian version of Strictly on which her husband has also appeared.

They have danced together for nine years, becoming champions in Australia, and won the Rising Stars competition in the UK. The couple are currently ranked 10th in the world.

“My wife is very supportive and intelligent, and helps me a lot in terms of the show.” Until recently the couple were based in Hong Kong so they could fly to competitions all over the world. For now London will be their home. There is also another little dancer in the family, their daughter Olivia, four.

“Olivia loves dancing. She wears Elena’s high heels and pretends she is Britney Spears,” says Gleb, who also lived in LA for two years. A year ago he danced with Jennifer Lopez in a L’Oréal ad.

And in 2013 he appeared on the US version of Strictly, Dancing With The Stars. He was paired with British celebrity Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, who said he was so gorgeous she could barely look at him. And judging by similar comments made by his current Strictly partner Anita Rani, she has the same problem.

He’s more than happy to be paired with the Countryfile presenter and describes her as intelligent, kind and funny. “We clicked from the first time we met. I have already seen she is a hard worker. She is fierce and willing to try things. I care about how I can take my celebrity partner to the top and make sure she stays happy during her journey.”

A photo posted by Anita Rani (@anitarani1) on

A photo posted by Anita Rani (@anitarani1) on