DWTS Season 21, Week 2 Night TWO – Dancing by the Numbers

Well, one of the problems of watching the show while on Vacation is that I don’t have good recall of the show this past week, nor do I have a way (at the moment) to rewatch it. I probably could pull it up on “On Demand” but, well, I’m somewhat lacking in time. I will be able to watch and live blog tomorrow which will make the next numbers post easier.  🙂

My impressions that I do remember is that neither Alexa nor Carlos is really doing it for me at the moment. I don’t have a good reason why nor any idea why this is the case. It just is. It could change for sure. I hope it does. I would like to see Mark win again.

Another impression was that Tamar actually had a good dance that I liked. We’ll see if Val can keep it up. I don’t have the high hopes for him that I once did, nor do I find him particularly inspired when it comes to choreo – but he does (yet again) have a good dancer. And one that I might actually end up *liking*.

Love Bindi – they do a good job of giving Derek the right partner for him, personality-wise. I think they know Derek very well and I get the sense they talk to him more than they might some of the other pros. Not that that will stop them for sabotaging him all in the name of “compelling TV”. Unfortunately for them, he’s no longer the good soldier who won’t call them out in the press. He most certainly will, and for this I am glad. 🙂 When someone stops towing the company line, that person is usually halfway out the door looking at other options. At least, that’s how it works in the business world.

I don’t really remember Nick from this past week and this is not really Nick’s fault – he fell into the vacation vortex. Missed him completely on Monday and don’t remember him from Tuesday. I also don’t remember Hayes’ dancing, but I remember thinking the kid is a contender. I also like Andy and think he might have potential. Alek is a hottie and I hope he hooks up with Emma. I am so NOT a shipper, but there you go. Did he dance well? No idea.

Paula and Kim are just kinda THERE. I like Paula and she and Kim both improved a lot from their first dances, as I recall. Very scary about what happened to Kim and I hope she drops out – it seems like madness to continue. She’s gotta consider her health.

I’m so sad about Victor. I just love that guy!! Ah well. Let’s take a look at the leader board.

week 2a table 1

Okay, so we have Tamar at the top – really not sure she was that far ahead of Hayes, Bindi or Nick, but so much of the scoring is about leaderboard shakeups and keeping things interesting.

Gary, Kim and Paula are down in the danger zone. One of them SHOULD go home, but there are a few others, such as Carlos and Alexa or possibly Andy who could be in shocking elimination territory. I tend to think that nothing shocking will happen until AFTER Gary and Kim are gone – but I’m putting it out there that those three are riding the middle of the pack and don’t have name recognition or a really good story going for them. Sorry, TPTB, the married thing ain’t that compelling and I think you know it, deep down. 😉

Anyway, back to Gary and his spot at the bottom. Dude is cray. Question is: how long can cray stay? What does he need to survive?

week 2a table 2

Gary has some work to do. He has to get nearly 12k votes per million votes cast to get past either Paula or Kim. I don’t think he’s going to beat Paula. Kim is the question mark. Also in question is what will happen if she drops out – but let’s ignore that for the sake of discussion. I basically think Paula is safe and think it will come down to Gary or Kim. So, what does Kim have to get to be safe?

week 2a table 3

Well, besides hoping like hell that Gary doesn’t get the 12k votes to pass her, she needs to either get ONE more vote per million than Paula or nearly 12k votes per million votes cast to beat Carlos. I don’t see her getting those votes to beat Carlos. Paula is something of a question mark. My gut says that Paula isn’t going anywhere, but it’s possible my gut is still on vacation. Heh. Paula has a questionable history…but she also has more name recognition and I find her more likeable than Kim.

Gary ALSO has more name recognition and the Cray going for him. Hmmmm….tough one. I think it comes down to Gary and Kim. We might not even find out who the person going home was, if Kim drops out. But if she’s in, I think she might be safe. 12k is a lot of votes at this stage of the competition.

I’m going to guess that Gary is out, unless Kim drops out. If Kim drops out, Gary dances another week. Now, IF Kim drops out and they still eliminate Gary? Well, that could be telling about how cray Gary really is. 🙂