Dancing with the Stars Season 21, Week 3 – LIVE BLOG

No longer cruising, but recovering from cruising. ?   I also find I’m watching the show with an eye to the crap they are going to pull and any “fun with editing” games they might play. Once again, I suggest that everyone watch “UNReal” to get a better idea of how I think this show probably looks behind the scenes. Yeah, it based on The Bachelor, but reality shows have a lot in common and that is a distinct lack of….reality. 🙂 DWTS is likely not as bad as UNReal, but I can think of a couple very glaring examples of how it is very much like it. Can you?

Anyway, T-minus 15 minutes to showtime. Who are we looking forward to? I’m open.

That was all right. I though there were a couple messy spots. Carlos is having the age old (male) problem of not wanting to follow a female choreographer. He best get over it.

Forgot to mention until I saw a similar comment in the comments…. but I hope Mandy isn’t holding her breath for an Emmy nomination. Seriously, another all female bump and grind? Only difference is the costume.

Paula’s dance was a mess, but I kinda liked it. I teared up during their package. I find I’m agreeing with CAI, which is disturbing.

Tamar is definitely a contender, and that was a very good dance. I thought they were going to do Amy and Derek’s jazz for a minute, though. I see CAI gave then the benefit of the doubt on the lift though…. cuz her partner ain’t Derek, of course.

Jury is out for me on the Breaking Bad routine. I started out loving it but then it got kinda weird. My mom hated it, btw. ? Alfonso needs to take it down a notch or two. Part of the problem is that Breaking Bad was one of the routines done on the Emmys a couple years ago and it rocked.

Okay, the male number I can get behind because we actually haven’t seen much of that. Loved Derek’s reaction to Miss Piggy. ?

Andy is still having trouble with the transitions. So, it was kinda messy. I like Andy.

Oh my Gary. So bizarre. What more is there to say? Beside that Anna looks amazing as Morticia. I suspect he might be going since they were so kind.

Erin is a member of menses??? Ummmmm…..bwahaha.

Alek is hot and Lindsay is doing a really good job with him. I thought that, overall, that was a very good dance. Not sure I agree with Julianne’s raves, and I did see some messy feet issues but I loved it. 9 is much too high though. Over scored.

Very sad about Kim. But about these rules… they’ve used rehearsal tape before and let the judges comment on that… what’s different this time? That she can’t be in LA? Help me out here… keep in mind that I’m not at home with my DVR so I can’t rewind and listen to what Tom said again.

I think Derek just said “fu*k you”. ? He broke hold in the middle of the dance and no one called it… but they’re planning on lowballing her anyway. Very good dance, my favorite of the night. She has a great energy and it makes me happy to watch her. Kinda like Sadie. Okay, surprised by the 8’s…but Carrie Ann is back with the negative tone. Something tells me that there was some discussion about how they got screwed and how it might not be a good idea to be Dick heads… Derek calling them out in his blog might have been effective.

Wow, beautiful V waltz from Nick and Sharma!! I loved that… and mom did too!  Just beautiful!

They definitely saved the best three routines for last, in terms of energy. Loved Hayes and Emma’s jive. Yeah, some of his kicks were a little low energy, but he’s a 15 year old kid who did a really good, in time jive. I love him and I think he got hosed on scores.

Now… in terms of the non-elimination: I mentioned in my numbers post that Andy was one of a few in possible shocking elimination territory. That said, they may be trying to pump him and are praying that Gary goes instead. Who knows? I do believe they are sending a message to Andy and Allison fans.