Sharna Burgess Chats On Nick Carter’s Challenges As A Ballroom Dancer And More On Dancing With The Stars

Sharna Burgess talked with One Avenue TV about her Dancing With The Stars partnership with Nick Carter. Below she answers questions about what it was like to find out she was dancing with a Backstreet Boy and how much he contributes to their dance themes and moves.

As all of us wonder, we did ask her that did she ever think she will be dancing with a Backstreet boy ever?

“Oh my goodness,no! Growing up as a 13 yr old I was a huge fan as a teenager and used to copy their dance moves and never thought in a million years that I will be on DWTS one day and end up dancing with Nick Carter. We get celebrities on show and sometimes I am not familiar with them as I have not grown up with them, or not heard of them since I am from Australia, but, Nick Carter is certainly someone I know very well. It is surreal to think that one minute I am copying his dance steps when I am 13 and next minute I am teaching him how to dance for a competition on Dancing With The Stars.”

Nick being an entertainer with his dance experience on his Backstreet Boy days, does he contributes in thinking over the dance themes/moves with Sharna or no?

“When it comes to ballroom dancing, Nick has no idea about it and has not much to contribute. With cha cha we had a backstreet tribute. It excited me and we threw it in there and he trusts me to make the decision as far as the dancing goes. It’s a whole different ball game when singing, dancing at same time and then, dancing on a competition. It’s a completely different style of dance than to what he is used to.”

“Even after having issues on Monday night, I was proud of Nick as he kept going, shows he is a true entertainer”

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