Las Vegas Odds For Dancing With The Stars Season 21 Week 3 – Do You Agree?

Sports Bavada has posted their new odds for Dancing With The Stars Season 21 Week 3. Take a look below and see if you agree. Let us know in comments. In my opinion, Bindi is too low…and same with Alek. I’d be putting her at first or second…or tied with Nick for first. Everyone else may be about right.

Nick Carter +200 +
Alexa PenaVega +225 +
Carlos PenaVega +700 +
Tamar Braxton +700 +
Alek Skarlatos +700 +
Bindi Irwin +800 +
Hayes Grier +1200 +
Andy Grammer +1600 +
Gary Busey +5000 +
Paula Deen +10000 +

There are also some Odds posted at Broadway World. Bindi is first in their odds. I think I like these odds better, but, I think Paula should be last.

Heidi and Courtney, what do you think?

Courtney: Hmmm…these seem wonky to me. I don’t think Alexa should be nearly that high – I think that Alek, Bindi, Hayes, and even Tamar might have a better shot at the MBT. Truth be told, I’m a little uncertain of just who is voting for Alexa – are there really a ton of Spy Kids fans around? And I would put Bindi at about even odds with Nick – with Alek not far behind.  As I’ve witnessed from the switch-up voting – Alek seems to have surged to the top of a lot of folks’ lists as the “guy to beat” this season.  Also probably helps that he’s just kind of an awesome human being, too 🙂 Surprisingly, I’ve found a lot of folks have yet to be really impressed by Nick – I hear the words “intense” and “hard to connect to” thrown around a lot. Is he perhaps more of a Kendra Wilkinson than an Alfonso Ribeiro? I also think Gary is on his way out – so I’d swap he & Paula in the odds. I think the only one that’s about right on the money is Andy – I see him possibly being an early exit.

Heidi: Twitter noise is notoriously faulty when it comes to predicting winners, don’t forget.  I’m as big a Derek fan as they come and I think I’ve cast five whole twitter votes – and for several different partners. 🙂 Alek will do well as long as his scores hold up, but we haven’t gotten to any fun latin dances yet.  I think that Nick is still the guy to beat with women of a certain age who aren’t broadcasting it on twitter…but I don’t know if that will hold up for long, because I do agree that Alek is gaining ground. Nick needs to get out of his head or he’ll find himself on the outside of the Top 2 looking in. I  very much agree on Alexa – way too high.  Where this is coming from I just don’t know. Carlos too, for that matter. Alexa is behind Bindi, Nick and Tamar in the BW odds and I think THAT is still too high. Both sets of odds also have Hayes too low, I think.  Ultimately, Bindi, Nick and Alek are likely to be at the top in the end, along with Hayes and Tamar. Alexa or Carlos could sneak into the top 5 if Alek’s latin is not good…but I wouldn’t count on it.  I think Andy and Alexa are going to be surprisingly early boots, with Carlos out in 6th place unless he suddenly comes on strong.  That’s my very long way of saying – these odds are a mess and BW is marginally better. Marginally. 🙂 They do kinda make me want to put some money on Bindi, though…