The Dancing Poetry Corner – A Year In A Life

What was your Most Memorable Year? It’s hard to choose just one, isn’t it? I have mentioned my wedding year and the year of my husband’s death before. Another year comes to my mind:

2011 – March 23rd to be exact. I had gotten done cleaning the house my sister and I used to share in Mechanicsburg, PA. I had planned to go out after I got a shower. After the shower, I slipped and hit my leg full force on my vanity and fell backwards through the door frame into my bedroom. A trip to Urgent Care was made and the following Monday to an Orthopedic doctor. My terrible injury turned out to be a deep bone contusion/locked Achilles/sprained foot. I could not put weight on that right leg for months. I was in a wheelchair, not being able to walk. My PT cousin started me on an aggressive regimen of PT to get me walking again. I did use a walker and finally at the end of July, I was fully walking unaided. Here is the kicker, my sister and I decided to put our house up for sale in June and it sold in ten days. Somehow, even though I could not get around well, I managed to pack up my things to move which we did in July back to our hometown of McAlisterville to be closer to family. It was a very stressful time for my caregiver sister and me. It was a whirlwind and we finally got settled in our new house on October 7. We stayed with my younger sister in the interim.

Everyone has a story similar to mine. From joyous occasions to those that have brought gut-wrenching sadness, turmoil, and life-changing events. The stories in the Ballroom depicted those times and many more. Tom Bergeron is living one of those stories by needing to be with his Dad. Alfonso Ribiero ably filled in for him. We found out Allison Holker is having another baby. Congratulations to her, husband, and daughter! Witney Carson’s engagement was mentioned. Happy times interspersed with the Most Memorable Year theme. Emotions were dripping all over the Ballroom.

The Judges revealed their Most Memorable Year. Julianne chose 2007 – coming to Los Angeles, joining the show, and winning her first season. Carrie Ann chose 1993 – being part of Madonna’s Grille Tour. Bruno chose 1983 – being in an Elton John video. Sasha Farber gave us a chuckle emulating Bruno.

Please join me for:

A Year In A Life

2015 – Diffusing a train terrorist situation, meeting many people, including President Obama, being decorated with friends for heroism, Roseburg college shooting, enrolled there

Alex and Lindsay – Paso Doble
Wake Me Up

Strength of a journey, perfect focus, connection
Exquisite lines, steps of determination
Powerful depiction of emotional turmoil

2000 – Booked Spy Kids, moved to Austin, tight-knit, awesome family, with love to Mama

Alexa and Mark – Foxtrot
Mama Said
Troupe Assist

Umbrella props – a rainy day went away
Fun, entertaining, elegant, light as air
A brilliant concept depicting the story

2009 – Dedicated to a Mom who died from Breast Cancer, dazed and confused, Keep Your Head Up, the start of a career

Andy and Allison – Cha Cha Cha
Good To Be Alive

Shaking, shimmying, sharp moves
Uplifting, most comfortable dance of the season
A turn-around, making everything work for Andy

2006 – A beloved father died suddenly, a little girl giving a speech at a Memorial Service honoring a Daddy

Bindi and Derek – Contemporary
Every Breath You Take

A breathtaking, simply special tribute to a Daddy
A father looking down, proud to be dancing with Bindi
Bindi a bright light, dancing with beauty and passion

2012 – In Big Time Rush, peak of success. But smoking weed and at rock bottom. However, changing his life by starting to go to church. Meeting future wife Alexa in a Bible Study.

Carlos and Witney – Viennese Waltz
Amazing Grace

Elegant, full of revelation, genuinely beautiful
Two luminous heavenly bodies connecting
Mesmerizing dance with total conviction depicting the story

1979 – Cast in Buddy Holly Story and December 5, 1988 – Brain injury, Academy Award nomination, start of booking many more movies

Anna and Gary – Jazz
That’ll Be The Day
With Troupe Assist

Fun, flirty depiction of Gary’s story
Passion for the character, with persistence
Feeling the spirit of the dance, The Entertainer

2014 – First Vine video, coming out of shyness, Hayes and Nash on tour together

Emma and Hayes – Contemporary

Stunning, special depiction of story
Fantastic lifts, perfect connection, actor – superstar
Technically didn’t miss a beat

1996 – Becoming a Backstreet Boy at 12 years old, came from a dysfunctional family, a boy just wanted a Hollywood type of parents

Nick and Sharna – Jazz
Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
The Backstreet Boys cheering Nick on!

Rock and Roll Revue, spectacular, explosive
A Thank You, I Love You toast to the Boys
Far superior today, mega-sexy, mega-hot, dazzling

1989 – Sick and tired of being sick and tired , a broken marriage, starting a business

Paula and Louis – Cha Cha Cha

Dance of strength, endurance, courage, hope
Dance of perseverance, independence, respect
Hot, sexy moves, strong, fierce, awesome, amazing

2012 – Almost losing a husband, having blood clots in lungs, fell into a coma, also getting pregnant with a baby boy

Val and Tamar – Rumba
Husband Vincent on piano

Proper Rumba, elegant, smooth as silk
Highly emotional depiction of story, reached into a soul
A connection wired to perfection, completely free and open

A Year In A LIfe

There wasn’t a dry eye in the Ballroom. Emotions were dripping all over the Ballroom. Heart-tugging, gut-wrenching performance complete. Tissues were the rule to capture tears running down faces. Another magnificent Most Memorable Year Theme Night was a rousing success!

Taking their final bows were Anna and Gary. He declared his dismissal was false and his presence with Anna, his Queen of Russia, would be felt in the Ballroom from this time forward! To that Gary, we agree!

Next week the theme is Switch-Up. The pros will coach a new partner. Please join me back in the Ballroom for another marvelous night!

Written By Lois A Troutman, October 6, 2015