PureDWTS Season 21: Alfonso Ribeiro Does AMA Reddit, Talks About DWTS, All-Stars, & The Carlton Dance

Just a quick little piece of fluff on this Sunday evening šŸ™‚ A few days ago, Alfonso did a Reddit AMA (“ask me anything”) chat, and fielded questions from Redditers on everything from Fresh Prince, AFV, Tom Bergeron, his Pepsi commercial, and DWTS. A few interesting things he had to say about DWTS, and a couple adorable little bits about Heidi & I’s favorite Ribeiro, A.J.:

On the hardest part of DWTS:

[ā€“]AlfonsoRibeiroAMAAlfonso Ribeiro[S]

The hardest part was in the 14 weeks on the show I only had 2 days off. It is incredibly brutal on your body especially if you didn’t come in in great shape.

On getting a 2nd chance at DWTS:

[ā€“]AlfonsoRibeiroAMAAlfonso Ribeiro[S]

I would do an All-Star season of DWTS, but if I didn’t have Witney I would probably want Lindsey as they grew up together and dance very much the same. Plus, she was already part of team Witfonso.


On his Halloween costume:

[ā€“]AlfonsoRibeiroAMAAlfonso Ribeiro[S]

I’m really liking the Ritz-Carlton idea, but I think I’m going to be a bear.

My two boys are going to be a lion and a tiger, I’m the bear and my wife will have a shirt that says “Oh My!”


On how often he gets asked to dance:

Every day I leave my house! The only time I don’t ever get asked to dance is at the house. Oh wait a minute… my son asks me to dance every day. Just not the Carlton.

It’sĀ a good, fluffy read, if you’re looking for something to do.